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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "prplIConversation.idl"
#include "imIUserStatusInfo.idl"
interface imITag;
interface imIBuddy;
interface prplIAccountBuddy;
interface imIAccount;
interface prplIAccount;
interface prplIProtocol;
interface nsIScriptError;
interface nsITransportSecurityInfo;
* Used to join chat rooms.
[scriptable, uuid(7e91accd-f04c-4787-9954-c7db4fb235fb)]
interface prplIChatRoomFieldValues: nsISupports {
AUTF8String getValue(in AUTF8String aIdentifier);
void setValue(in AUTF8String aIdentifier, in AUTF8String aValue);
[scriptable, uuid(19dff981-b125-4a70-bc1a-efc783d07137)]
interface prplIChatRoomField: nsISupports {
readonly attribute AUTF8String label;
readonly attribute AUTF8String identifier;
readonly attribute boolean required;
const short TYPE_TEXT = 0;
const short TYPE_PASSWORD = 1;
const short TYPE_INT = 2;
readonly attribute short type;
readonly attribute long min;
readonly attribute long max;
* Information about a chat room and the fields required to join it.
[scriptable, uuid(017d5951-fdd0-4f26-b697-fcc138cd2861)]
interface prplIRoomInfo: nsISupports {
readonly attribute AUTF8String name;
readonly attribute AUTF8String topic;
const long NO_PARTICIPANT_COUNT = -1;
readonly attribute long participantCount;
readonly attribute prplIChatRoomFieldValues chatRoomFieldValues;
* Callback passed to an account's requestRoomInfo function.
[scriptable, function, uuid(43102a36-883a-421d-a6ac-126aafee5a28)]
interface prplIRoomInfoCallback: nsISupports {
/* aRooms is an array of chatroom names. This will be called
* multiple times as batches of chat rooms are received. The number of rooms
* in each batch is left for the prplIAccount implementation to decide.
* aCompleted will be true when aRooms is the last batch.
void onRoomInfoAvailable(in Array<AString> aRooms, in boolean aCompleted);
* Encryption session of the prplIAccount. Usually every logged in device that
* can encrypt will have its own session.
[scriptable, uuid(0254d011-44b3-40a1-8589-d2fd4a18a421)]
interface prplISession: nsISupports {
/** ID of this session as displayed to the user. */
readonly attribute AUTF8String id;
/** Whether this session is trusted. */
readonly attribute boolean trusted;
/** Indicates that this is the session we're currently using */
readonly attribute boolean currentSession;
* Verify the identity of this session.
* @returns {Promise<imISessionVerification>}
Promise verify();
* This interface should be implemented by the protocol plugin.
[scriptable, uuid(3ce02a3c-f38b-4a1e-9050-a19bea1cb6c1)]
interface prplIAccount: nsISupports {
readonly attribute imIAccount imAccount;
// observe should only be called by the imIAccount
// implementation to report user status changes that affect this account.
void observe(in nsISupports aObj, in string aEvent,
[optional] in wstring aData);
// This should only be called by the AccountsService
// implementation, never directly. It will call
// ContactsService.accountBuddyRemoved on each buddy of the
// account and close all prplIConversation instances of the account.
void remove();
/* Uninitialize the prplIAccount instance. This is typically done
automatically at shutdown (by the core service) or as part of
the 'remove' method. */
void unInit();
void connect();
void disconnect();
prplIConversation createConversation(in AUTF8String aName);
// Used when the user wants to add a buddy to the buddy list
void addBuddy(in imITag aTag, in AUTF8String aName);
// Used while loading the buddy list at startup.
prplIAccountBuddy loadBuddy(in imIBuddy aBuddy, in imITag aTag);
/* Request more info on a buddy (typically a chat buddy).
* The result (if any) will be provided by user-info-received
* notifications dispatched through the observer service:
* - aSubject will be an nsISimpleEnumerator of prplITooltipInfo.
* - aData will be aBuddyName.
* If multiple user-info-received are sent, subsequent notifications
* will update any previous data.
void requestBuddyInfo(in AUTF8String aBuddyName);
readonly attribute boolean canJoinChat;
Array<prplIChatRoomField> getChatRoomFields();
prplIChatRoomFieldValues getChatRoomDefaultFieldValues([optional] in AUTF8String aDefaultChatName);
/* Request information on available chat rooms, whose names are returned
* via the callback.
void requestRoomInfo(in prplIRoomInfoCallback aCallback);
prplIRoomInfo getRoomInfo(in AUTF8String aRoomName);
readonly attribute boolean isRoomInfoStale;
* Create a new chat conversation if it doesn't already exist.
void joinChat(in prplIChatRoomFieldValues aComponents);
// A name that can be used to check for duplicates and is the basis
// for the directory name for log storage.
readonly attribute AUTF8String normalizedName;
// Request that the account normalizes a name. Use this only when an object
// providing a normalizedName doesn't exist yet or isn't accessible.
AUTF8String normalize(in AUTF8String aName);
// protocol specific options: those functions set the protocol
// specific options for the prplIAccount
void setBool(in string aName, in boolean aVal);
void setInt(in string aName, in long aVal);
void setString(in string aName, in AUTF8String aVal);
/* When a connection error occurred, this value indicates the type of error */
readonly attribute short connectionErrorReason;
* When a certificate error occurs, the host/port that caused a
* SSL/certificate error when connecting to it. This is only valid when
* connectionErrorReason is one of ERROR_CERT_*
readonly attribute AUTF8String connectionTarget;
* When a certificate error occurs, the nsITransportSecurityInfo error of
* the socket. This should only be set when connectionTarget is set.
readonly attribute nsITransportSecurityInfo securityInfo;
/* Possible connection error reasons:
should enable the automatic reconnection feature. */
const short NO_ERROR = -1;
const short ERROR_NETWORK_ERROR = 0;
const short ERROR_NO_SSL_SUPPORT = 4;
const short ERROR_NAME_IN_USE = 6;
const short ERROR_CERT_NOT_PROVIDED = 8;
const short ERROR_CERT_UNTRUSTED = 9;
const short ERROR_CERT_EXPIRED = 10;
const short ERROR_CERT_NOT_ACTIVATED = 11;
const short ERROR_CERT_SELF_SIGNED = 14;
const short ERROR_CERT_OTHER_ERROR = 15;
const short ERROR_OTHER_ERROR = 16;
* Get a list of active encryption sessions for the account.
* The protocol sends a "account-sessions-changed" notification when
* the trust state of a session changes, or entries are added or removed.
Array<prplISession> getSessions();
* Information as to the state of encryption capabilities of this account. For
* example Matrix surfaces the secret storage, key backup and cross-signing
* status info here.
* The protocol sends a "account-encryption-status-changed" notification when
* this chanes.
readonly attribute Array<AUTF8String> encryptionStatus;
[scriptable, uuid(488959b4-992e-4626-ae96-beaf6adc4a77)]
interface imIDebugMessage: nsISupports {
const short LEVEL_DEBUG = 1;
const short LEVEL_LOG = 2;
const short LEVEL_WARNING = 3;
const short LEVEL_ERROR = 4;
readonly attribute short logLevel; // One of the above constants.
readonly attribute nsIScriptError message;
/* This interface should be implemented by the im core. It inherits
from prplIAccount and in most cases will forward the calls for the
inherited members to a prplIAccount account instance implemented by
the protocol plugin. */
[scriptable, uuid(20a85b44-e220-4f23-85bf-f8523d1a2b08)]
interface imIAccount: prplIAccount {
/* Check if autologin is enabled for this account, connect it now. */
void checkAutoLogin();
/* Cancel the timer that automatically reconnects the account if it was
disconnected because of a non fatal error. */
void cancelReconnection();
readonly attribute AUTF8String name;
readonly attribute AUTF8String id;
readonly attribute unsigned long numericId;
readonly attribute prplIProtocol protocol;
readonly attribute prplIAccount prplAccount;
// Save account specific preferences to disk.
void save();
attribute boolean autoLogin;
/* This is the value when the preference firstConnectionState is not set.
It indicates that the account has already been successfully connected at
least once with the current parameters. */
const short FIRST_CONNECTION_OK = 0;
/* Set when the account has never had a successful connection
with the current parameters */
/* Set when the account is trying to connect for the first time
with the current parameters (removed after a successsful connection) */
/* Set at startup when the previous state was pending */
attribute short firstConnectionState;
/* Passwords are stored in the toolkit Password Manager.
* Warning: Don't attempt to access passwords during startup before
* Services.login.initializationPromise has resolved.
attribute AUTF8String password;
attribute AUTF8String alias;
/* While an account is connecting, this attribute contains a message
indicating the current step of the connection */
readonly attribute AUTF8String connectionStateMsg;
/* Number of the reconnection attempt
* 0 means that no automatic reconnection currently pending
* n means the nth reconnection attempt is pending
readonly attribute unsigned short reconnectAttempt;
/* Time stamp of the next reconnection attempt */
readonly attribute long long timeOfNextReconnect;
/* Time stamp of the last connection (value not reliable if not connected) */
readonly attribute long long timeOfLastConnect;
/* Additional possible connection error reasons:
* (Use a big enough number that it can't conflict with error
* codes used in prplIAccount).
const short ERROR_UNKNOWN_PRPL = 42;
const short ERROR_CRASHED = 43;
const short ERROR_MISSING_PASSWORD = 44;
/* A message describing the connection error */
readonly attribute AUTF8String connectionErrorMessage;
/* Info about the connection state and flags */
const short STATE_DISCONNECTED = 0;
const short STATE_CONNECTED = 1;
const short STATE_CONNECTING = 2;
const short STATE_DISCONNECTING = 3;
readonly attribute short connectionState;
/* The following 4 properties use the above connectionState value. */
readonly attribute boolean disconnected;
readonly attribute boolean connected;
readonly attribute boolean connecting;
readonly attribute boolean disconnecting;
void logDebugMessage(in nsIScriptError aMessage, in short aLevel);
/* Get an array of the 50 most recent debug messages. */
Array<imIDebugMessage> getDebugMessages();
/* The imIUserStatusInfo instance this account should observe for
status changes. When this is null (the default value), the
account will observe the global status. */
attribute imIUserStatusInfo observedStatusInfo;
// Same as above, but never null (it fallbacks to the global status info).
attribute imIUserStatusInfo statusInfo;
// imIAccount also implements an observe method but this
// observe should only be called by the prplIAccount
// implementations to report connection status changes.