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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80: */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef mozilla_ToastNotificationHeaderOnlyUtils_h
#define mozilla_ToastNotificationHeaderOnlyUtils_h
* This header is intended for self-contained, header-only, utility code to
* share between Windows toast notification code in firefox.exe and
* notificationserver.dll.
// Use XPCOM logging if we're in a XUL context, otherwise use Windows Event
// logging.
// NOTE: The `printf` `format` equivalent argument to `NOTIFY_LOG` is converted
// to a wide string when outside of a XUL context. String format specifiers need
// to specify they're a wide string with `%ls` or narrow string with `%hs`.
#include "mozilla/Logging.h"
namespace mozilla::widget {
extern LazyLogModule sWASLog;
} // namespace mozilla::widget
# define NOTIFY_LOG(_level, _args) \
MOZ_LOG(mozilla::widget::sWASLog, _level, _args)
# include "mozilla/WindowsEventLog.h"
bool gVerbose = false;
# define NOTIFY_LOG(_level, _args) \
if (gVerbose || _level == mozilla::LogLevel::Error) { \
# define POST_EXPAND_NOTIFY_LOG(...) \
L"" MOZ_APP_DISPLAYNAME " Notification Server", L"" __VA_ARGS__)
#include <functional>
#include <string>
#include "nsWindowsHelpers.h"
namespace mozilla::widget::toastnotification {
const wchar_t kLaunchArgProgram[] = L"program";
const wchar_t kLaunchArgProfile[] = L"profile";
const wchar_t kLaunchArgTag[] = L"windowsTag";
const wchar_t kLaunchArgLogging[] = L"logging";
const wchar_t kLaunchArgAction[] = L"action";
const DWORD kNotificationServerTimeoutMs = (10 * 1000);
struct ToastNotificationPidMessage {
DWORD pid = 0;
struct ToastNotificationPermissionMessage {
DWORD setForegroundPermissionGranted = 0;
inline std::wstring GetNotificationPipeName(const wchar_t* aTag) {
// Prefix required by pipe API.
std::wstring pipeName(LR"(\\.\pipe\)");
pipeName += L"" MOZ_APP_NAME;
pipeName += aTag;
return pipeName;
inline bool WaitEventWithTimeout(const HANDLE& event) {
DWORD result = WaitForSingleObject(event, kNotificationServerTimeoutMs);
switch (result) {
NOTIFY_LOG(LogLevel::Info, ("Pipe wait signaled"));
return true;
NOTIFY_LOG(LogLevel::Warning, ("Pipe wait timed out"));
return false;
("Pipe wait failed, error %lu", GetLastError()));
return false;
NOTIFY_LOG(LogLevel::Error, ("Pipe wait abandoned"));
return false;
NOTIFY_LOG(LogLevel::Error, ("Pipe wait unknown error"));
return false;
/* Handles running overlapped transactions for a Windows pipe. This function
* manages lifetimes of Event and OVERLAPPED objects to ensure they are not used
* while an overlapped operation is pending. */
inline bool SyncDoOverlappedIOWithTimeout(
const nsAutoHandle& pipe, const size_t bytesExpected,
const std::function<BOOL(OVERLAPPED&)>& transactPipe) {
nsAutoHandle event(CreateEventW(nullptr, TRUE, FALSE, nullptr));
if (!event) {
("Error creating pipe transaction event, error %lu", GetLastError()));
return false;
OVERLAPPED overlapped{};
overlapped.hEvent = event.get();
BOOL result = transactPipe(overlapped);
if (!result && GetLastError() != ERROR_IO_PENDING) {
("Error reading from pipe, error %lu", GetLastError()));
return false;
if (!WaitEventWithTimeout(overlapped.hEvent)) {
NOTIFY_LOG(LogLevel::Warning, ("Pipe transaction timed out, canceling "
"(transaction may still succeed)."));
// Transaction may still succeed before cancellation is handled; fall
// through to normal handling.
DWORD bytesTransferred = 0;
// Pipe transfer has either been signaled or cancelled by this point, so it
// should be safe to wait on.
BOOL overlappedResult =
GetOverlappedResult(pipe.get(), &overlapped, &bytesTransferred, TRUE);
if (!overlappedResult) {
("Error retrieving pipe overlapped result, error %lu", GetLastError()));
return false;
} else if (bytesTransferred != bytesExpected) {
("%lu bytes read from pipe, but %zu bytes expected",
bytesTransferred, bytesExpected));
return false;
return true;
} // namespace mozilla::widget::toastnotification
#endif // mozilla_ToastNotificationHeaderOnlyUtils_h