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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#include "nsPrintSettingsX.h"
#include "nsObjCExceptions.h"
#include "plbase64.h"
#include "nsCocoaUtils.h"
#include "nsXULAppAPI.h"
#include "mozilla/Preferences.h"
#include "mozilla/StaticPrefs_print.h"
#include "nsPrinterCUPS.h"
using namespace mozilla;
NS_IMPL_ISUPPORTS_INHERITED(nsPrintSettingsX, nsPrintSettings, nsPrintSettingsX)
nsPrintSettingsX::nsPrintSettingsX() {
mDestination = kPMDestinationInvalid;
already_AddRefed<nsIPrintSettings> CreatePlatformPrintSettings(
const PrintSettingsInitializer& aSettings) {
RefPtr<nsPrintSettings> settings = new nsPrintSettingsX();
return settings.forget();
nsPrintSettingsX& nsPrintSettingsX::operator=(const nsPrintSettingsX& rhs) {
if (this == &rhs) {
return *this;
mDestination = rhs.mDestination;
mDisposition = rhs.mDisposition;
// We don't copy mSystemPrintInfo here, so any copied printSettings will start
// out without a wrapped printInfo, just using our internal settings. The
// system printInfo is used *only* by the nsPrintSettingsX to which it was
// originally passed (when the user ran a system print UI dialog).
return *this;
nsresult nsPrintSettingsX::_Clone(nsIPrintSettings** _retval) {
auto newSettings = MakeRefPtr<nsPrintSettingsX>();
*newSettings = *this;
return NS_OK;
NS_IMETHODIMP nsPrintSettingsX::_Assign(nsIPrintSettings* aPS) {
nsPrintSettingsX* printSettingsX = static_cast<nsPrintSettingsX*>(aPS);
if (!printSettingsX) {
*this = *printSettingsX;
return NS_OK;
struct KnownMonochromeSetting {
const NSString* mName;
const NSString* mValue;
{ @key_, @value_ } \
static const KnownMonochromeSetting kKnownMonochromeSettings[] = {
NSPrintInfo* nsPrintSettingsX::CreateOrCopyPrintInfo(bool aWithScaling) {
// If we have a printInfo that came from the system print UI, use it so that
// any printer-specific settings we don't know about will still be used.
if (mSystemPrintInfo) {
NSPrintInfo* sysPrintInfo = [mSystemPrintInfo copy];
// Any required scaling will be done by Gecko, so we don't want it here.
[sysPrintInfo setScalingFactor:1.0f];
return sysPrintInfo;
// Note that the app shared `sharedPrintInfo` object is special! The system
// print dialog and print settings dialog update it with the values chosen
// by the user. Using that object here to initialize new nsPrintSettingsX
// objects could mask bugs in our code where we fail to save and/or restore
// print settings ourselves (e.g., bug 1636725). On other platforms we only
// initialize new nsPrintSettings objects from the settings that we save to
// prefs. Perhaps we should stop using sharedPrintInfo here for consistency?
NSPrintInfo* printInfo = [[NSPrintInfo sharedPrintInfo] copy];
NSSize paperSize;
if (GetSheetOrientation() == kPortraitOrientation) {
paperSize.width = CocoaPointsFromPaperSize(mPaperWidth);
paperSize.height = CocoaPointsFromPaperSize(mPaperHeight);
} else {
paperSize.width = CocoaPointsFromPaperSize(mPaperHeight);
paperSize.height = CocoaPointsFromPaperSize(mPaperWidth);
[printInfo setPaperSize:paperSize];
if (paperSize.width > paperSize.height) {
[printInfo setOrientation:NSPaperOrientationLandscape];
} else {
[printInfo setOrientation:NSPaperOrientationPortrait];
[printInfo setRightMargin:mUnwriteableMargin.right];
[printInfo setBottomMargin:mUnwriteableMargin.bottom];
[printInfo setLeftMargin:mUnwriteableMargin.left];
// If the printer name is the name of our pseudo print-to-PDF printer, the
// following `setPrinter` call will fail silently, since macOS doesn't know
// anything about it. That's OK, because mPrinter is our canonical source of
// truth.
// Actually, it seems Mac OS X 10.12 (the oldest version of Mac that we
// support) hangs if the printer name is not recognized. For now we explicitly
// check for our print-to-PDF printer, but that is not ideal since we should
// really localize the name of this printer at some point. Once we drop
// support for 10.12 we should remove this check.
if (!mPrinter.EqualsLiteral("Mozilla Save to PDF")) {
[printInfo setPrinter:[NSPrinter printerWithName:nsCocoaUtils::ToNSString(
// Scaling is handled by gecko, we do NOT want the cocoa printing system to
// add a second scaling on top of that. So we only set the true scaling factor
// here if the caller explicitly asked for it.
[printInfo setScalingFactor:CGFloat(aWithScaling ? mScaling : 1.0f)];
const bool allPages = mPageRanges.IsEmpty();
NSMutableDictionary* dict = [printInfo dictionary];
[dict setObject:[NSNumber numberWithInt:mNumCopies] forKey:NSPrintCopies];
[dict setObject:[NSNumber numberWithBool:allPages] forKey:NSPrintAllPages];
int32_t start = 1;
int32_t end = 1;
for (size_t i = 0; i < mPageRanges.Length(); i += 2) {
start = std::min(start, mPageRanges[i]);
end = std::max(end, mPageRanges[i + 1]);
[dict setObject:[NSNumber numberWithInt:start] forKey:NSPrintFirstPage];
[dict setObject:[NSNumber numberWithInt:end] forKey:NSPrintLastPage];
NSURL* jobSavingURL = nullptr;
if (!mToFileName.IsEmpty()) {
jobSavingURL =
[NSURL fileURLWithPath:nsCocoaUtils::ToNSString(mToFileName)];
if (jobSavingURL) {
// Note: the PMPrintSettingsSetJobName call in nsPrintDialogServiceX::Show
// seems to mean that we get a sensible file name pre-populated in the
// dialog there, although our mToFileName is expected to be a full path,
// and it's less clear where the rest of the path (the directory to save
// to) in nsPrintDialogServiceX::Show comes from (perhaps from the use
// of `sharedPrintInfo` to initialize new nsPrintSettingsX objects).
[dict setObject:jobSavingURL forKey:NSPrintJobSavingURL];
if (mDisposition.IsEmpty()) {
// NOTE: It's unclear what to do for kOutputDestinationStream but this is
// only for the native print dialog where that can't happen.
if (mOutputDestination == kOutputDestinationFile) {
[printInfo setJobDisposition:NSPrintSaveJob];
} else {
[printInfo setJobDisposition:NSPrintSpoolJob];
} else {
[printInfo setJobDisposition:nsCocoaUtils::ToNSString(mDisposition)];
PMDuplexMode duplexSetting;
switch (mDuplex) {
// This can't happen :) but if it does, we treat it as "none".
MOZ_FALLTHROUGH_ASSERT("Unknown duplex value");
case kDuplexNone:
duplexSetting = kPMDuplexNone;
case kDuplexFlipOnLongEdge:
duplexSetting = kPMDuplexNoTumble;
case kDuplexFlipOnShortEdge:
duplexSetting = kPMDuplexTumble;
NSMutableDictionary* printSettings = [printInfo printSettings];
[printSettings setObject:[NSNumber numberWithUnsignedShort:duplexSetting]
if (mDestination != kPMDestinationInvalid) {
// Required to support PDF-workflow destinations such as Save to Web
// Receipts.
setObject:[NSNumber numberWithUnsignedShort:mDestination]
if (jobSavingURL) {
setObject:[jobSavingURL absoluteString]
if (StaticPrefs::print_cups_monochrome_enabled() && !GetPrintInColor()) {
for (const auto& setting : kKnownMonochromeSettings) {
[printSettings setObject:setting.mValue forKey:setting.mName];
auto applySetting = [&](const nsACString& aKey, const nsACString& aValue) {
[printSettings setObject:nsCocoaUtils::ToNSString(aValue)
return printInfo;
void nsPrintSettingsX::SetFromPrintInfo(NSPrintInfo* aPrintInfo,
bool aAdoptPrintInfo) {
// Set page-size/margins.
NSSize paperSize = [aPrintInfo paperSize];
const bool areSheetsOfPaperPortraitMode =
([aPrintInfo orientation] == NSPaperOrientationPortrait);
// If our MacOS print settings say that we're producing portrait-mode sheets
// of paper, then our page format must also be portrait-mode; unless we've
// got a pages-per-sheet value with orthogonal pages/sheets, in which case
// it's reversed.
const bool arePagesPortraitMode =
(areSheetsOfPaperPortraitMode != HasOrthogonalPagesPerSheet());
if (arePagesPortraitMode) {
mOrientation = nsIPrintSettings::kPortraitOrientation;
} else {
mOrientation = nsIPrintSettings::kLandscapeOrientation;
} = static_cast<int32_t>([aPrintInfo topMargin]);
mUnwriteableMargin.right = static_cast<int32_t>([aPrintInfo rightMargin]);
mUnwriteableMargin.bottom = static_cast<int32_t>([aPrintInfo bottomMargin]);
mUnwriteableMargin.left = static_cast<int32_t>([aPrintInfo leftMargin]);
if (aAdoptPrintInfo) {
// Keep a reference to the printInfo; it may have settings that we don't
// know how to handle otherwise.
if (mSystemPrintInfo != aPrintInfo) {
if (mSystemPrintInfo) {
[mSystemPrintInfo release];
mSystemPrintInfo = aPrintInfo;
[mSystemPrintInfo retain];
} else {
// Clear any stored printInfo.
if (mSystemPrintInfo) {
[mSystemPrintInfo release];
mSystemPrintInfo = nullptr;
nsCocoaUtils::GetStringForNSString([[aPrintInfo printer] name], mPrinter);
// Only get the scaling value if shrink-to-fit is not selected:
bool isShrinkToFitChecked;
if (!isShrinkToFitChecked) {
// Limit scaling precision to whole percentage values.
mScaling = round(double([aPrintInfo scalingFactor]) * 100.0) / 100.0;
mOutputDestination = [&] {
if ([aPrintInfo jobDisposition] == NSPrintSaveJob) {
return kOutputDestinationFile;
return kOutputDestinationPrinter;
NSDictionary* dict = [aPrintInfo dictionary];
const char* filePath =
[[dict objectForKey:NSPrintJobSavingURL] fileSystemRepresentation];
if (filePath && *filePath) {
CopyUTF8toUTF16(Span(filePath, strlen(filePath)), mToFileName);
nsCocoaUtils::GetStringForNSString([aPrintInfo jobDisposition], mDisposition);
mNumCopies = [[dict objectForKey:NSPrintCopies] intValue];
if (![[dict objectForKey:NSPrintAllPages] boolValue]) {
mPageRanges.AppendElement([[dict objectForKey:NSPrintFirstPage] intValue]);
mPageRanges.AppendElement([[dict objectForKey:NSPrintLastPage] intValue]);
NSDictionary* printSettings = [aPrintInfo printSettings];
NSNumber* value =
[printSettings objectForKey:@"com_apple_print_PrintSettings_PMDuplexing"];
if (value) {
PMDuplexMode duplexSetting = [value unsignedShortValue];
switch (duplexSetting) {
// An unknown value is treated as None.
MOZ_FALLTHROUGH_ASSERT("Unknown duplex value");
case kPMDuplexNone:
mDuplex = kDuplexNone;
case kPMDuplexNoTumble:
mDuplex = kDuplexFlipOnLongEdge;
case kPMDuplexTumble:
mDuplex = kDuplexFlipOnShortEdge;
} else {
// By default a printSettings dictionary doesn't initially contain the
// duplex key at all, so this is not an error; its absence just means no
// duplexing has been requested, so we return kDuplexNone.
mDuplex = kDuplexNone;
value = [printSettings
if (value) {
mDestination = [value unsignedShortValue];
const bool color = [&] {
if (StaticPrefs::print_cups_monochrome_enabled()) {
for (const auto& setting : kKnownMonochromeSettings) {
NSString* value = [printSettings objectForKey:setting.mName];
if (!value) {
if ([setting.mValue isEqualToString:value]) {
return false;
return true;