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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef nsNativeThemeCocoa_h_
#define nsNativeThemeCocoa_h_
#import <Carbon/Carbon.h>
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#include "mozilla/Variant.h"
#include "nsITheme.h"
#include "ThemeCocoa.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/RustTypes.h"
@class MOZCellDrawWindow;
@class MOZCellDrawView;
@class MOZSearchFieldCell;
@class NSProgressBarCell;
class nsDeviceContext;
struct SegmentedControlRenderSettings;
namespace mozilla {
namespace gfx {
class DrawTarget;
} // namespace gfx
} // namespace mozilla
class nsNativeThemeCocoa : public mozilla::widget::ThemeCocoa {
using ThemeCocoa = mozilla::widget::ThemeCocoa;
enum class CheckboxOrRadioState : uint8_t { eOff, eOn, eIndeterminate };
enum class ButtonType : uint8_t {
enum class SpinButton : uint8_t { eUp, eDown };
enum class SegmentType : uint8_t { eToolbarButton, eTab };
enum class OptimumState : uint8_t { eOptimum, eSubOptimum, eSubSubOptimum };
struct ControlParams {
: disabled(false),
rtl(false) {}
bool disabled : 1;
bool insideActiveWindow : 1;
bool pressed : 1;
bool focused : 1;
bool rtl : 1;
struct CheckboxOrRadioParams {
ControlParams controlParams;
CheckboxOrRadioState state = CheckboxOrRadioState::eOff;
float verticalAlignFactor = 0.5f;
struct ButtonParams {
ControlParams controlParams;
ButtonType button = ButtonType::eRegularPushButton;
struct DropdownParams {
ControlParams controlParams;
bool pullsDown = false;
bool editable = false;
struct SpinButtonParams {
mozilla::Maybe<SpinButton> pressedButton;
bool disabled = false;
bool insideActiveWindow = false;
struct SegmentParams {
SegmentType segmentType = SegmentType::eToolbarButton;
bool insideActiveWindow = false;
bool pressed = false;
bool selected = false;
bool focused = false;
bool atLeftEnd = false;
bool atRightEnd = false;
bool drawsLeftSeparator = false;
bool drawsRightSeparator = false;
bool rtl = false;
struct TextFieldParams {
float verticalAlignFactor = 0.5f;
bool insideToolbar = false;
bool disabled = false;
bool focused = false;
bool rtl = false;
struct ProgressParams {
double value = 0.0;
double max = 0.0;
float verticalAlignFactor = 0.5f;
bool insideActiveWindow = false;
bool indeterminate = false;
bool horizontal = false;
bool rtl = false;
struct MeterParams {
double value = 0;
double min = 0;
double max = 0;
OptimumState optimumState = OptimumState::eOptimum;
float verticalAlignFactor = 0.5f;
bool horizontal = true;
bool rtl = false;
struct TreeHeaderCellParams {
ControlParams controlParams;
TreeSortDirection sortDirection = eTreeSortDirection_Natural;
bool lastTreeHeaderCell = false;
struct ScaleParams {
int32_t value = 0;
int32_t min = 0;
int32_t max = 0;
bool insideActiveWindow = false;
bool disabled = false;
bool focused = false;
bool horizontal = true;
bool reverse = false;
enum Widget : uint8_t {
eColorFill, // mozilla::gfx::sRGBColor
eCheckbox, // CheckboxOrRadioParams
eRadio, // CheckboxOrRadioParams
eButton, // ButtonParams
eDropdown, // DropdownParams
eSpinButtons, // SpinButtonParams
eSpinButtonUp, // SpinButtonParams
eSpinButtonDown, // SpinButtonParams
eSegment, // SegmentParams
eStatusBar, // bool
eTextField, // TextFieldParams
eSearchField, // TextFieldParams
eProgressBar, // ProgressParams
eMeter, // MeterParams
eTreeHeaderCell, // TreeHeaderCellParams
eScale, // ScaleParams
eMultilineTextField, // bool
struct WidgetInfo {
static WidgetInfo ColorFill(const mozilla::gfx::sRGBColor& aParams) {
return WidgetInfo(Widget::eColorFill, aParams);
static WidgetInfo Checkbox(const CheckboxOrRadioParams& aParams) {
return WidgetInfo(Widget::eCheckbox, aParams);
static WidgetInfo Radio(const CheckboxOrRadioParams& aParams) {
return WidgetInfo(Widget::eRadio, aParams);
static WidgetInfo Button(const ButtonParams& aParams) {
return WidgetInfo(Widget::eButton, aParams);
static WidgetInfo Dropdown(const DropdownParams& aParams) {
return WidgetInfo(Widget::eDropdown, aParams);
static WidgetInfo SpinButtons(const SpinButtonParams& aParams) {
return WidgetInfo(Widget::eSpinButtons, aParams);
static WidgetInfo SpinButtonUp(const SpinButtonParams& aParams) {
return WidgetInfo(Widget::eSpinButtonUp, aParams);
static WidgetInfo SpinButtonDown(const SpinButtonParams& aParams) {
return WidgetInfo(Widget::eSpinButtonDown, aParams);
static WidgetInfo Segment(const SegmentParams& aParams) {
return WidgetInfo(Widget::eSegment, aParams);
static WidgetInfo Separator() {
return WidgetInfo(Widget::eSeparator, false);
static WidgetInfo StatusBar(bool aParams) {
return WidgetInfo(Widget::eStatusBar, aParams);
static WidgetInfo GroupBox() {
return WidgetInfo(Widget::eGroupBox, false);
static WidgetInfo TextField(const TextFieldParams& aParams) {
return WidgetInfo(Widget::eTextField, aParams);
static WidgetInfo SearchField(const TextFieldParams& aParams) {
return WidgetInfo(Widget::eSearchField, aParams);
static WidgetInfo ProgressBar(const ProgressParams& aParams) {
return WidgetInfo(Widget::eProgressBar, aParams);
static WidgetInfo Meter(const MeterParams& aParams) {
return WidgetInfo(Widget::eMeter, aParams);
static WidgetInfo TreeHeaderCell(const TreeHeaderCellParams& aParams) {
return WidgetInfo(Widget::eTreeHeaderCell, aParams);
static WidgetInfo Scale(const ScaleParams& aParams) {
return WidgetInfo(Widget::eScale, aParams);
static WidgetInfo MultilineTextField(bool aParams) {
return WidgetInfo(Widget::eMultilineTextField, aParams);
static WidgetInfo ListBox() { return WidgetInfo(Widget::eListBox, false); }
static WidgetInfo TabPanel(bool aParams) {
return WidgetInfo(Widget::eTabPanel, aParams);
template <typename T>
T Params() const {
enum Widget Widget() const { return mWidget; }
template <typename T>
WidgetInfo(enum Widget aWidget, const T& aParams)
: mVariant(aParams), mWidget(aWidget) {}
mozilla::Variant<mozilla::gfx::sRGBColor, CheckboxOrRadioParams,
ButtonParams, DropdownParams, SpinButtonParams,
SegmentParams, TextFieldParams, ProgressParams,
MeterParams, TreeHeaderCellParams, ScaleParams, bool>
enum Widget mWidget;
explicit nsNativeThemeCocoa();
// The nsITheme interface.
NS_IMETHOD DrawWidgetBackground(gfxContext* aContext, nsIFrame*,
StyleAppearance, const nsRect& aRect,
const nsRect& aDirtyRect,
DrawOverflow) override;
bool CreateWebRenderCommandsForWidget(
mozilla::wr::DisplayListBuilder& aBuilder,
mozilla::wr::IpcResourceUpdateQueue& aResources,
const mozilla::layers::StackingContextHelper& aSc,
mozilla::layers::RenderRootStateManager* aManager, nsIFrame*,
StyleAppearance, const nsRect& aRect) override;
[[nodiscard]] LayoutDeviceIntMargin GetWidgetBorder(nsDeviceContext* aContext,
StyleAppearance) override;
bool GetWidgetPadding(nsDeviceContext* aContext, nsIFrame*, StyleAppearance,
LayoutDeviceIntMargin* aResult) override;
bool GetWidgetOverflow(nsDeviceContext* aContext, nsIFrame*, StyleAppearance,
nsRect* aOverflowRect) override;
LayoutDeviceIntSize GetMinimumWidgetSize(nsPresContext*, nsIFrame*,
StyleAppearance) override;
NS_IMETHOD WidgetStateChanged(nsIFrame*, StyleAppearance, nsAtom* aAttribute,
bool* aShouldRepaint,
const nsAttrValue* aOldValue) override;
NS_IMETHOD ThemeChanged() override;
bool ThemeSupportsWidget(nsPresContext* aPresContext, nsIFrame*,
StyleAppearance) override;
bool WidgetIsContainer(StyleAppearance) override;
bool ThemeDrawsFocusForWidget(nsIFrame*, StyleAppearance) override;
bool ThemeNeedsComboboxDropmarker() override;
bool WidgetAppearanceDependsOnWindowFocus(StyleAppearance) override;
ThemeGeometryType ThemeGeometryTypeForWidget(nsIFrame*,
StyleAppearance) override;
Transparency GetWidgetTransparency(nsIFrame*, StyleAppearance) override;
mozilla::Maybe<WidgetInfo> ComputeWidgetInfo(nsIFrame*, StyleAppearance,
const nsRect& aRect);
void DrawProgress(CGContextRef context, const HIRect& inBoxRect,
const ProgressParams& aParams);
virtual ~nsNativeThemeCocoa();
LayoutDeviceIntMargin DirectionAwareMargin(const LayoutDeviceIntMargin&,
nsIFrame* SeparatorResponsibility(nsIFrame* aBefore, nsIFrame* aAfter);
ControlParams ComputeControlParams(nsIFrame*, mozilla::dom::ElementState);
SegmentParams ComputeSegmentParams(nsIFrame*, mozilla::dom::ElementState,
TextFieldParams ComputeTextFieldParams(nsIFrame*, mozilla::dom::ElementState);
ProgressParams ComputeProgressParams(nsIFrame*, mozilla::dom::ElementState,
bool aIsHorizontal);
MeterParams ComputeMeterParams(nsIFrame*);
TreeHeaderCellParams ComputeTreeHeaderCellParams(nsIFrame*,
mozilla::Maybe<ScaleParams> ComputeHTMLScaleParams(
nsIFrame*, mozilla::dom::ElementState);
// HITheme drawing routines
void DrawMeter(CGContextRef context, const HIRect& inBoxRect,
const MeterParams& aParams);
void DrawSegment(CGContextRef cgContext, const HIRect& inBoxRect,
const SegmentParams& aParams);
void DrawSegmentBackground(CGContextRef cgContext, const HIRect& inBoxRect,
const SegmentParams& aParams);
void DrawTabPanel(CGContextRef context, const HIRect& inBoxRect,
bool aIsInsideActiveWindow);
void DrawScale(CGContextRef context, const HIRect& inBoxRect,
const ScaleParams& aParams);
void DrawCheckboxOrRadio(CGContextRef cgContext, bool inCheckbox,
const HIRect& inBoxRect,
const CheckboxOrRadioParams& aParams);
void DrawSearchField(CGContextRef cgContext, const HIRect& inBoxRect,
const TextFieldParams& aParams);
void DrawTextField(CGContextRef cgContext, const HIRect& inBoxRect,
const TextFieldParams& aParams);
void DrawPushButton(CGContextRef cgContext, const HIRect& inBoxRect,
ButtonType aButtonType, ControlParams aControlParams);
void DrawSquareBezelPushButton(CGContextRef cgContext,
const HIRect& inBoxRect,
ControlParams aControlParams);
void DrawHelpButton(CGContextRef cgContext, const HIRect& inBoxRect,
ControlParams aControlParams);
void DrawDisclosureButton(CGContextRef cgContext, const HIRect& inBoxRect,
ControlParams aControlParams,
NSControlStateValue aState);
void DrawHIThemeButton(CGContextRef cgContext, const HIRect& aRect,
ThemeButtonKind aKind, ThemeButtonValue aValue,
ThemeDrawState aState, ThemeButtonAdornment aAdornment,
const ControlParams& aParams);
void DrawButton(CGContextRef context, const HIRect& inBoxRect,
const ButtonParams& aParams);
void DrawTreeHeaderCell(CGContextRef context, const HIRect& inBoxRect,
const TreeHeaderCellParams& aParams);
void DrawDropdown(CGContextRef context, const HIRect& inBoxRect,
const DropdownParams& aParams);
HIThemeButtonDrawInfo SpinButtonDrawInfo(ThemeButtonKind aKind,
const SpinButtonParams& aParams);
void DrawSpinButtons(CGContextRef context, const HIRect& inBoxRect,
const SpinButtonParams& aParams);
void DrawSpinButton(CGContextRef context, const HIRect& inBoxRect,
SpinButton aDrawnButton, const SpinButtonParams& aParams);
void DrawToolbar(CGContextRef cgContext, const CGRect& inBoxRect,
bool aIsMain);
void DrawStatusBar(CGContextRef cgContext, const HIRect& inBoxRect,
bool aIsMain);
void DrawMultilineTextField(CGContextRef cgContext, const CGRect& inBoxRect,
bool aIsFocused);
void RenderWidget(const WidgetInfo& aWidgetInfo, mozilla::ColorScheme,
mozilla::gfx::DrawTarget& aDrawTarget,
const mozilla::gfx::Rect& aWidgetRect,
const mozilla::gfx::Rect& aDirtyRect, float aScale);
NSButtonCell* mDisclosureButtonCell;
NSButtonCell* mHelpButtonCell;
NSButtonCell* mPushButtonCell;
NSButtonCell* mRadioButtonCell;
NSButtonCell* mCheckboxCell;
NSTextFieldCell* mTextFieldCell;
MOZSearchFieldCell* mSearchFieldCell;
NSPopUpButtonCell* mDropdownCell;
NSComboBoxCell* mComboBoxCell;
NSProgressBarCell* mProgressBarCell;
NSLevelIndicatorCell* mMeterBarCell;
NSTableHeaderCell* mTreeHeaderCell;
MOZCellDrawWindow* mCellDrawWindow = nil;
MOZCellDrawView* mCellDrawView;
#endif // nsNativeThemeCocoa_h_