Name Description Size
AntiTrackingIPCUtils.h 2010
AntiTrackingLog.h 3519
AntiTrackingRedirectHeuristic.cpp 10493
AntiTrackingRedirectHeuristic.h 710
AntiTrackingUtils.cpp static 21298
AntiTrackingUtils.h 5732
ContentBlocking.cpp static 52452
ContentBlocking.h 6474
ContentBlockingAllowList.cpp static 7586
ContentBlockingAllowList.h 1993
ContentBlockingAllowList.jsm A helper module to manage the Content Blocking Allow List. This module provides a couple of utility APIs for adding or removing a given browser object to the Content Blocking allow list. 4651
ContentBlockingLog.cpp UUID might not be uniform-distributed (although some part of it could be). In order to generate more random result, usually we use a hash function, but here we hope it's fast and doesn't have to be cryptographic-safe. |XorShift128PlusRNG| looks like a good alternative because it takes a 128-bit data as its seed and always generate identical sequence if the initial seed is the same. 10408
ContentBlockingLog.h 14953
ContentBlockingNotifier.cpp 18747
ContentBlockingNotifier.h 2585
ContentBlockingUserInteraction.cpp static 2800
ContentBlockingUserInteraction.h 1003
DynamicFpiRedirectHeuristic.cpp 10189
DynamicFpiRedirectHeuristic.h 700
PartitioningExceptionList.cpp 4420
PartitioningExceptionList.h 1200
PartitioningExceptionListService.jsm 4203
PurgeTrackerService.jsm 13253
RejectForeignAllowList.cpp 2939
RejectForeignAllowList.h 1061
SettingsChangeObserver.cpp 4077
SettingsChangeObserver.h 1266
StorageAccess.cpp Gets the cookie lifetime policy for a given cookieJarSettings and a given principal by checking the permission value. Used in the implementation of InternalStorageAllowedCheck. 14428
StorageAccess.h Checks if storage for the given window is permitted by a combination of the user's preferences, and whether the window is a third-party iframe. This logic is intended to be shared between the different forms of persistent storage which are available to web pages. Cookies don't use this logic, and security logic related to them must be updated separately. 4963
StoragePrincipalHelper.cpp 11044
StoragePrincipalHelper.h 11707
TemporaryAccessGrantObserver.cpp 3400
TemporaryAccessGrantObserver.h 2522
TrackingDBService.jsm All SQL statements should be defined here. 11786
URLDecorationAnnotationsService.jsm 2137
URLDecorationStripper.cpp 2770
URLDecorationStripper.h 758
antitracking.manifest 122
components.conf 1486 2151
nsIPartitioningExceptionListService.idl Observer for exception list updates. 1837
nsIPurgeTrackerService.idl Purge cookies and associated data of sites which no longer have the user interaction permission. 574
nsITrackingDBService.idl Record entries from a content blocking log in the tracking database. This function is typically called at the end of the document lifecycle, since calling it multiple times results in multiple new entries. @param data a json string containing the content blocking log. 2018
nsIURLDecorationAnnotationsService.idl A service that monitors updates to the anti-tracking URL decoration annotations from remote settings. 1003
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