Name Description Size
antitracking.manifest 122
AntiTrackingIPCUtils.h 2902
AntiTrackingLog.h 3519
AntiTrackingRedirectHeuristic.cpp 13218
AntiTrackingRedirectHeuristic.h 1567
AntiTrackingUtils.cpp static 36270
AntiTrackingUtils.h 7855
components.conf 2880
ContentBlockingAllowList.cpp static 11417
ContentBlockingAllowList.h @class ContentBlockingAllowListCache @brief This class represents a cache for the content blocking allow list. It is used for repeated lookups of the allow list for a specific base domain. Only use it if you need base domain lookups. In most cases this is not what you want. For regular allow-list checks by principal please use ContentBlockingAllowList. 5211
ContentBlockingAllowList.sys.mjs A helper module to manage the Content Blocking Allow List. This module provides a couple of utility APIs for adding or removing a given browser object to the Content Blocking allow list. 3326
ContentBlockingLog.cpp 18949
ContentBlockingLog.h 12774
ContentBlockingNotifier.cpp 21272
ContentBlockingNotifier.h 3585
ContentBlockingTelemetryService.cpp static 3816
ContentBlockingTelemetryService.h 899
ContentBlockingUserInteraction.cpp static 3359
ContentBlockingUserInteraction.h 1003
DynamicFpiRedirectHeuristic.cpp 11027
DynamicFpiRedirectHeuristic.h 700 1022 2705
nsIContentBlockingAllowList.idl This file contains an interface to the ContentBlockingAllowList. 794
nsIPartitioningExceptionListService.idl Observer for exception list updates. 1837
nsIPurgeTrackerService.idl Purge cookies and associated data of sites which no longer have the user interaction permission. 574
nsITrackingDBService.idl Record entries from a content blocking log in the tracking database. This function is typically called at the end of the document lifecycle, since calling it multiple times results in multiple new entries. @param data a json string containing the content blocking log. 2119
nsIURLDecorationAnnotationsService.idl A service that monitors updates to the anti-tracking URL decoration annotations from remote settings. 1003
nsIURLQueryStringStripper.idl nsIURLQueryStringStripper is responsible for stripping certain part of the query string of the given URI to address the bounce(redirect) tracking issues. It will strip every query parameter which matches the strip list defined in the pref 'privacy.query_stripping.strip_list'. Note that It's different from URLDecorationStripper which strips the entire query string from the referrer if there is a tracking query parameter present in the URI. TODO: Given that nsIURLQueryStringStripper and URLDecorationStripper are doing similar things. We could somehow combine these two modules into one. We will improve this in the future. 1703
nsIURLQueryStrippingListService.idl Observer for query stripping list updates. 4349
PartitioningExceptionList.cpp 6242
PartitioningExceptionList.h 1953
PartitioningExceptionListService.sys.mjs 4071
PurgeTrackerService.sys.mjs 17081
SettingsChangeObserver.cpp 4077
SettingsChangeObserver.h 1289
StorageAccess.cpp Checks if storage for a given principal is permitted by the user's preferences. Ways this function is used: - aPrincipal, aWindow, optional aURI, others don't care: does this principal have storage access, testing this window's sandboxing and if it is third-party. If aURI is provided, we use that for the window's third party comparisons. - aPrincipal, aChannel, aWindow=nullptr, others don't care: does this principal have storage access, testing if this channel is third-party. Note that this ignores aURI. - aPrincipal, optional aCookieJarSettings, aWindow=nullptr, aChannel=nullptr, aURI don't care: does this principal have storage access (assuming it is in a first-party context and not sandboxed). If we aren't given a cookieJarSettings, we build one with the principal. In all of these cases, we test: - if aPrincipal is a NullPrincipal, denying - if this is for an about URI, allowing (maybe with private browsing constraints) We test the aWindow's extant doc's URI's, aURI's, and aPrincipal's scheme to be "about". We also send a decision to the ContentBlockingNotifier if we have aWindow or aChannel and didn't stop at the NullPrincipal or about: checks. Used in the implementation of StorageAllowedForWindow, StorageAllowedForDocument, StorageAllowedForChannel and StorageAllowedForServiceWorker. 32849
StorageAccess.h Checks if storage for the given window is permitted by a combination of the user's preferences, and whether the window is a third-party iframe. This logic is intended to be shared between the different forms of persistent storage which are available to web pages. Cookies don't use this logic, and security logic related to them must be updated separately. 6497
StorageAccessAPIHelper.cpp static 50693
StorageAccessAPIHelper.h 11144
StoragePrincipalHelper.cpp 22370
StoragePrincipalHelper.h 16006
TemporaryAccessGrantObserver.cpp 3387
TemporaryAccessGrantObserver.h 2616
TrackingDBService.sys.mjs All SQL statements should be defined here. 12659
URLDecorationAnnotationsService.sys.mjs 2015
URLDecorationStripper.cpp 2500
URLDecorationStripper.h 758
URLQueryStringStripper.cpp 14236
URLQueryStringStripper.h 2418
URLQueryStrippingListService.sys.mjs 13480