Name Description Size
BounceTrackingProtection.cpp 23343
BounceTrackingProtection.h 3555
BounceTrackingProtectionStorage.cpp 30151
BounceTrackingProtectionStorage.h 8659
BounceTrackingRecord.cpp 2107
BounceTrackingRecord.h 1918
BounceTrackingState.cpp 20659
BounceTrackingState.h This class manages the bounce tracking state for a given tab. It is attached to top-level CanonicalBrowsingContexts. 5860
BounceTrackingStateGlobal.cpp 7450
BounceTrackingStateGlobal.h This class holds the global state maps which are used to keep track of potential bounce trackers and user activations. @see BounceTrackingState for the per browser / tab state. Updates to the state maps are persisted to storage. 4750
BounceTrackingStorageObserver.cpp 3670
BounceTrackingStorageObserver.h 708
components.conf 862 1227
nsIBounceTrackingProtection.idl 2102