Name Description Size 2041 Android strings.xml parser Parses strings.xml files per As we're using a built-in XML parser underneath, errors on that level break the full parsing, and result in a single Junk entry. 9212 Abstraction layer for a localizable entity. Currently supported are grammars of the form: 1: entity definition 2: entity key (name) 3: entity value <!ENTITY key "value"> <--- definition ----> 12923 Entity-like object representing processing instructions in inc files 3549 Unescape HTML entities into corresponding Unicode characters. Named (&amp;), decimal (&#38;), and hex (&#x26; and &#x0026;) formats are supported. Unknown entities are left intact. As of Python 3.7 the following 252 named entities are recognized and unescaped: 4325 AST node at which to start traversal for count_words. By default we count words in the value and in all attributes. 7035 Entity-like object representing sections in ini files 1545 Gettext PO(T) parser Parses gettext po and pot files. 3220 3716