Name Description Size 18
checks Show less data. Specified once, don't show obsolete entities. Specified twice, also hide missing entities. Specify thrice to exclude warnings and four times to just show stats 8428
integration_tests A tuple with keys. A Sequence type that allows to refer to its elements by key. Making this immutable, 'cause keeping track of mutations is hard. compare-locales uses strings for Entity keys, and tuples in the case of PO. Support both. In the interfaces that check for membership, dicts check keys and sequences check values. Always try our dict cache `__map` first, and fall back to the superclass implementation. 1507
lint Merge resources across channels. Merging resources is done over a series of parsed resources, or source strings. The nomenclature is that the resources are ordered from newest to oldest. The generated file structure is taken from the newest file, and then the next-newest, etc. The values of the returned entities are taken from the newest to the oldest resource, too. In merge_resources, there's an option to choose the values from oldest to newest instead. 4657 Like :py:mod:`os.path`, with a reduced set of functions, and with normalized path separators (always use forward slashes). Also contains a few additional utilities not found in :py:mod:`os.path`. 4232
paths 4015 Serialize string changes. The serialization logic is based on the cross-channel merge algorithm. It's taking the file structure for the first file, and localizable entries from the last. Input data is the parsed reference as a list of parser.walk(), the existing localized file, also a list of parser.walk(), and a dictionary of newly added keys and raw values. To remove a string from a localization, pass `None` as value for a key. The marshalling between raw values and entities is done via Entity.unwrap and Entity.wrap. To avoid adding English reference strings into the generated file, the actual entities in the reference are replaced with Placeholders, which are removed in a final pass over the result of merge_resources. After that, we also prune whitespace once more.` 4408 439