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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
import re
from .base import (
Entry, OffsetComment, Junk, Whitespace,
class DefinesInstruction(Entry):
'''Entity-like object representing processing instructions in inc files
def __init__(self, ctx, span, val_span):
self.ctx = ctx
self.span = span
self.key_span = self.val_span = val_span
def __repr__(self):
return self.raw_val
class DefinesParser(Parser):
# can't merge, #unfilter needs to be the last item, which we don't support
capabilities = CAN_COPY
reWhitespace = re.compile('\n+', re.M)
EMPTY_LINES = 1 << 0
class Comment(OffsetComment):
comment_offset = 2
class Context(Parser.Context):
def __init__(self, contents):
super(DefinesParser.Context, self).__init__(contents)
self.filter_empty_lines = False
def __init__(self):
self.reComment = re.compile('(?:^# .*?\n)*(?:^# [^\n]*)', re.M)
# corresponds to
self.reKey = re.compile(
r'#define[ \t]+(?P<key>\w+)(?:[ \t](?P<val>[^\n]*))?', re.M)
self.rePI = re.compile(r'#(?P<val>\w+[ \t]+[^\n]+)', re.M)
def getNext(self, ctx, offset):
junk_offset = offset
contents = ctx.contents
m = self.reComment.match(ctx.contents, offset)
if m:
current_comment = self.Comment(ctx, m.span())
offset = m.end()
current_comment = None
m = self.reWhitespace.match(contents, offset)
if m:
# blank lines outside of filter_empty_lines or
# leading whitespace are bad
if (
offset == 0 or
not (len( == 1 or ctx.filter_empty_lines)
if current_comment:
return current_comment
return Junk(ctx, m.span())
white_space = Whitespace(ctx, m.span())
offset = m.end()
if (
current_comment is not None
and white_space.raw_val.count('\n') > 1
# standalone comment
# return the comment, and reparse the whitespace next time
return current_comment
if current_comment is None:
return white_space
white_space = None
m = self.reKey.match(contents, offset)
if m:
return self.createEntity(ctx, m, current_comment, white_space)
# defines instructions don't have comments
# Any pending commment is standalone
if current_comment:
return current_comment
if white_space:
return white_space
m = self.rePI.match(contents, offset)
if m:
instr = DefinesInstruction(ctx, m.span(), m.span('val'))
if instr.val == 'filter emptyLines':
ctx.filter_empty_lines = True
if instr.val == 'unfilter emptyLines':
ctx.filter_empty_lines = False
return instr
return self.getJunk(
ctx, junk_offset, self.reComment, self.reKey, self.rePI)