Name Description Size An XML parser with support for XHTML DTDs and all Python-supported encodings This implements the API defined by xml.etree.ElementTree.XMLParser, but supports XHTML DTDs (therefore allowing XHTML entities) and supports all encodings Python does, rather than just those supported by expat. 5597 63
catalog 1
commands.json 549 Score how much we like each filename, lower wins, None rejects 6177 Custom metaclass that registers all the subclasses in the item_types dictionary according to the value of their item_type attribute, and otherwise behaves like an ABCMeta. 10178 385 Dict-like object containing the TestItems for each test type. Loading an actual Item class for each test is unnecessarily slow, so this class allows lazy-loading of the test items. When the manifest is loaded we store the raw json corresponding to the test type, and only create an Item subclass when the test is accessed. In order to remain API-compatible with consumers that depend on getting an Item from iteration, we do egerly load all items when iterating over the class. 22056 Given a string `s` that ends with `old`, replace that occurrence of `old` with `new`. 32646 3093
tests 6 2968 3039 get a set of files which have changed between HEAD and working copy 10863