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import os
import subprocess
import sys
from typing import Any, Callable, Generic, Optional, Text, TypeVar
T = TypeVar("T")
def rel_path_to_url(rel_path: Text, url_base: Text = "/") -> Text:
assert not os.path.isabs(rel_path), rel_path
if url_base[0] != "/":
url_base = "/" + url_base
if url_base[-1] != "/":
url_base += "/"
return url_base + rel_path.replace(os.sep, "/")
def from_os_path(path: Text) -> Text:
assert os.path.sep == "/" or sys.platform == "win32"
if "/" == os.path.sep:
rv = path
rv = path.replace(os.path.sep, "/")
if "\\" in rv:
raise ValueError("path contains \\ when separator is %s" % os.path.sep)
return rv
def to_os_path(path: Text) -> Text:
assert os.path.sep == "/" or sys.platform == "win32"
if "\\" in path:
raise ValueError("normalised path contains \\")
if "/" == os.path.sep:
return path
return path.replace("/", os.path.sep)
def git(path: Text) -> Optional[Callable[..., Text]]:
def gitfunc(cmd: Text, *args: Text) -> Text:
full_cmd = ["git", cmd] + list(args)
return subprocess.check_output(full_cmd, cwd=path, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT).decode('utf8')
except Exception as e:
if sys.platform == "win32" and isinstance(e, WindowsError):
full_cmd[0] = "git.bat"
return subprocess.check_output(full_cmd, cwd=path, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT).decode('utf8')
# this needs to be a command that fails if we aren't in a git repo
gitfunc("rev-parse", "--show-toplevel")
except (subprocess.CalledProcessError, OSError):
return None
return gitfunc
class cached_property(Generic[T]):
def __init__(self, func: Callable[[Any], T]) -> None:
self.func = func
self.__doc__ = getattr(func, "__doc__") = func.__name__
def __get__(self, obj: Any, cls: Optional[type] = None) -> T:
if obj is None:
return self # type: ignore
# we can unconditionally assign as next time this won't be called
assert not in obj.__dict__
rv = obj.__dict__[] = self.func(obj)
obj.__dict__.setdefault("__cached_properties__", set()).add(
return rv