Name Description Size 549 An API for installing and inspecting addons during Gecko runtime. This is a partially implemented wrapper around Gecko's `AddonManager API`_. For example:: from marionette_driver.addons import Addons addons = Addons(marionette) addons.install("/path/to/extension.xpi") .. _AddonManager API: 2540 857 Interface for setting the value of HTML5 "date" and "time" input elements. Simple usage example: :: element = marionette.find_element(By.ID, "date-test") dt_value = DateTimeValue(element) = datetime(1998, 6, 2) 1524 Decorator which checks the process status after the function has run. 2214 Raised when a generic non-recoverable exception has occured. 5189 This file provides a set of expected conditions for common use cases when writing Marionette tests. The conditions rely on explicit waits that retries conditions a number of times until they are either successfully met, or they time out. 9697 26028 2320 An API which allows Marionette to handle localized content. The `localization`_ of UI elements in Gecko based applications is done via entities and properties. For static values entities are used, which are located in .dtd files. Whereby for dynamically updated content the values come from .property files. Both types of elements can be identifed via a unique id, and the translated content retrieved. For example:: from marionette_driver.localization import L10n l10n = L10n(marionette) l10n.localize_entity(["chrome://branding/locale/brand.dtd"], "brandShortName") l10n.localize_property(["chrome://global/locale/"], "FastFind")) .. _localization: 2282 Enum-like class for mouse button constants. 79856 Manage timeout settings in the Marionette session. Usage:: marionette = Marionette(...) marionette.start_session() marionette.timeout.page_load = 10 marionette.timeout.page_load # => 10 3087 Object that guards access to a socket via a lock. The socket must be accessed using this object as a context manager; access to the socket outside of a context will bypass the lock. 13683 An explicit conditional utility class for waiting until a condition evaluates to true or not null. This will repeatedly evaluate a condition in anticipation for a truthy return value, or its timeout to expire, or its waiting predicate to become true. A `Wait` instance defines the maximum amount of time to wait for a condition, as well as the frequency with which to check the condition. Furthermore, the user may configure the wait to ignore specific types of exceptions whilst waiting, such as `errors.NoSuchElementException` when searching for an element on the page. 6206 2572