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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
import traceback
import six
class MarionetteException(Exception):
"""Raised when a generic non-recoverable exception has occured."""
status = "webdriver error"
def __init__(self, message=None, cause=None, stacktrace=None):
"""Construct new MarionetteException instance.
:param message: An optional exception message.
:param cause: An optional tuple of three values giving
information about the root exception cause. Expected
tuple values are (type, value, traceback).
:param stacktrace: Optional string containing a stacktrace
(typically from a failed JavaScript execution) that will
be displayed in the exception's string representation.
self.cause = cause
self.stacktrace = stacktrace
self._message = six.text_type(message)
def __str__(self):
# pylint: disable=W1645
msg = self.message
tb = None
if self.cause:
if type(self.cause) is tuple:
msg += ", caused by {0!r}".format(self.cause[0])
tb = self.cause[2]
msg += ", caused by {}".format(self.cause)
if self.stacktrace:
st = "".join(["\t{}\n".format(x) for x in self.stacktrace.splitlines()])
msg += "\nstacktrace:\n{}".format(st)
if tb:
msg += ": " + "".join(traceback.format_tb(tb))
return six.text_type(msg)
def message(self):
return self._message
class DetachedShadowRootException(MarionetteException):
status = "detached shadow root"
class ElementNotSelectableException(MarionetteException):
status = "element not selectable"
class ElementClickInterceptedException(MarionetteException):
status = "element click intercepted"
class InsecureCertificateException(MarionetteException):
status = "insecure certificate"
class InvalidArgumentException(MarionetteException):
status = "invalid argument"
class InvalidSessionIdException(MarionetteException):
status = "invalid session id"
class TimeoutException(MarionetteException):
status = "timeout"
class JavascriptException(MarionetteException):
status = "javascript error"
class NoSuchElementException(MarionetteException):
status = "no such element"
class NoSuchShadowRootException(MarionetteException):
status = "no such shadow root"
class NoSuchWindowException(MarionetteException):
status = "no such window"
class StaleElementException(MarionetteException):
status = "stale element reference"
class ScriptTimeoutException(MarionetteException):
status = "script timeout"
class ElementNotVisibleException(MarionetteException):
"""Deprecated. Will be removed with the release of Firefox 54."""
status = "element not visible"
def __init__(
message="Element is not currently visible and may not be manipulated",
super(ElementNotVisibleException, self).__init__(
message, cause=cause, stacktrace=stacktrace
class ElementNotAccessibleException(MarionetteException):
status = "element not accessible"
class ElementNotInteractableException(MarionetteException):
status = "element not interactable"
class NoSuchFrameException(MarionetteException):
status = "no such frame"
class InvalidElementStateException(MarionetteException):
status = "invalid element state"
class NoAlertPresentException(MarionetteException):
status = "no such alert"
class InvalidCookieDomainException(MarionetteException):
status = "invalid cookie domain"
class UnableToSetCookieException(MarionetteException):
status = "unable to set cookie"
class InvalidElementCoordinates(MarionetteException):
status = "invalid element coordinates"
class InvalidSelectorException(MarionetteException):
status = "invalid selector"
class MoveTargetOutOfBoundsException(MarionetteException):
status = "move target out of bounds"
class SessionNotCreatedException(MarionetteException):
status = "session not created"
class UnexpectedAlertOpen(MarionetteException):
status = "unexpected alert open"
class UnknownCommandException(MarionetteException):
status = "unknown command"
class UnknownException(MarionetteException):
status = "unknown error"
class UnsupportedOperationException(MarionetteException):
status = "unsupported operation"
class UnresponsiveInstanceException(Exception):
es_ = [
for e in locals().values()
if type(e) == type and issubclass(e, MarionetteException)
by_string = {e.status: e for e in es_}
def lookup(identifier):
"""Finds error exception class by associated Selenium JSON wire
protocol number code, or W3C WebDriver protocol string.
return by_string.get(identifier, MarionetteException)