Name Description Size CSS transitions and animations. 53653 Applicable declarations management. 7834 Parsed representations of [DOM attributes][attr]. [attr]: 18838 A set of author stylesheets and their computed representation, such as the ones used for ShadowRoot. 2275 Parametric Bézier curves. This is based on `WebCore/platform/graphics/UnitBezier.h` in WebKit. 4876 The style bloom filter is used as an optimization when matching deep descendant selectors. 14443 2399 13106
Cargo.toml 2985
color The context within which style is calculated. 25850
counter_style Support for [custom properties for cascading variables][custom]. [custom]: 80736 The structure that contains the custom properties of a given element. 7397 Per-node data used in style calculation. 20887 Types and traits used to access the DOM from style calculation. 33010 Generic implementations of some DOM APIs so they can be shared between Servo and Gecko. 26295 Implements traversal over the DOM tree. The traversal starts in sequential mode, and optionally parallelizes as it discovers work. 6500 Parsing stylesheets from bytes (not `&str`). 3454 Types used to report parsing errors. 18520 The [`@font-face`][ff] at-rule. [ff]: 27207 Access to font metrics from the style system. 2146
gecko_string_cache Global style data 7323
invalidation Calculate [specified][specified] and [computed values][computed] from a tree of DOM nodes and a set of stylesheets. [computed]: [specified]: In particular, this crate contains the definitions of supported properties, the code to parse them into specified values and calculate the computed values based on the specified values, as well as the code to serialize both specified and computed values. The main entry point is [`recalc_style_at`][recalc_style_at]. [recalc_style_at]: traversal/fn.recalc_style_at.html Major dependencies are the [cssparser][cssparser] and [selectors][selectors] crates. [cssparser]: ../cssparser/index.html [selectors]: ../selectors/index.html 8887 Geometry in flow-relative space. 50614 Various macro helpers. 2656 High-level interface to CSS selector matching. 47329
media_queries Implements parallel traversal over the DOM tree. This traversal is based on Rayon, and therefore its safety is largely verified by the type system. The primary trickiness and fine print for the above relates to the thread safety of the DOM nodes themselves. Accessing a DOM element concurrently on multiple threads is actually mostly "safe", since all the mutable state is protected by an AtomicRefCell, and so we'll generally panic if something goes wrong. Still, we try to to enforce our thread invariants at compile time whenever possible. As such, TNode and TElement are not Send, so ordinary style system code cannot accidentally share them with other threads. In the parallel traversal, we explicitly invoke |unsafe { SendNode::new(n) }| to put nodes in containers that may be sent to other threads. This occurs in only a handful of places and is easy to grep for. At the time of this writing, there is no other unsafe code in the parallel traversal. 7302 The context within which CSS code is parsed. 7445 A piecewise linear function, following CSS linear easing 10151
queries servo-style 216 A cache from rule node to computed values, in order to cache reset properties. 7314 Collects a series of applicable rules for a given element. 18047
rule_tree Stack-scoped thread-local storage for rayon thread pools. 2961 A data structure to efficiently index structs containing selectors by local name, ids and hash. 29050 The pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements supported by the style system. 7951
servo Different objects protected by the same lock 12349
sharing String utils for attributes and similar stuff. 5282 A struct to encapsulate all the style fixups and flags propagations a computed style needs in order for it to adhere to the CSS spec. 38772 Style resolution for a given element or pseudo-element. 21324 A centralized set of stylesheets for a document. 22668
stylesheets Selector matching. 130562 Supports dynamic assertions in about what sort of thread is running and what state it's in. 2705 Traversing the DOM tree; the bloom filter. 31222 Flags that control the traversal process. We CamelCase rather than UPPER_CASING so that we can grep for the same strings across gecko and servo. 2827