Name Description Size This file lists all arc FFI types and defines corresponding addref and release functions. This list corresponds to ServoArcTypeList.h file in Gecko. 5920 FFI implementations for types listed in ServoBoxedTypeList.h. 1301 This module contains conversion helpers between Servo and Gecko types Ideally, it would be in geckolib itself, but coherence forces us to keep the traits and implementations here FIXME(emilio): This file should generally just die. 1979 Data needed to style a Gecko document. 6702 Gecko's media feature list and evaluator. 26931 Gecko's media-query device and expression representation. 12836 Gecko-specific style-system bits. 647 This file contains a helper macro includes all supported non-tree-structural pseudo-classes. FIXME: Find a way to autogenerate this file. Expected usage is as follows: ``` macro_rules! pseudo_class_macro{ ([$(($css:expr, $name:ident, $gecko_type:tt, $state:tt, $flags:tt),)*]) => { // do stuff } } apply_non_ts_list!(pseudo_class_macro) ``` $gecko_type can be either "_" or an ident in Gecko's CSSPseudoClassType. $state can be either "_" or an expression of type ElementState. If present, the semantics are that the pseudo-class matches if any of the bits in $state are set on the element. $flags can be either "_" or an expression of type NonTSPseudoClassFlag, see for more details. 7163 Gecko profiler support. Use the `profiler_label!` macro from 2468 Gecko's definition of a pseudo-element. Note that a few autogenerated bits of this live in ``. If you touch that file, you probably need to update the checked-in files for Servo. 7610 9719 File-like object that buffers output and only writes if content changed. 6002 Gecko's restyle damage computation (aka change hints, aka `nsChangeHint`). 3830 Gecko-specific bits for selector-parsing. 18067 A gecko snapshot, that stores the element attributes and state before they change in order to properly calculate restyle hints. 8530 Element an snapshot common logic. 5156 Gecko-specific bits for the styling DOM traversal. 1740 Common handling for the specified value CSS url() values. 11355 Different kind of helpers to interact with Gecko values. 3002 Wrapper definitions on top of Gecko types in order to be used in the style system. This really follows the Servo pattern in `components/script/`. This theoretically should live in its own crate, but now it lives in the style system it's kind of pointless in the Stylo case, and only Servo forces the separation between the style system implementation and everything else. 78733