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exports.gyp 651
Makefile 1842 576
p12.h In NSS 3.12 or later, 'arg' actually points to a CERTCertificate, the 'leafCert' variable in sec_pkcs12_validate_cert in p12d.c. See r1.35 of p12d.c ("Patch 2" in bug 321584). This callback might be called by SEC_PKCS12DecoderValidateBags each time a nickname collission is detected. The callback must return a new nickname. The returned SECItem should be of type siAsciiString, it should be allocated using: SECITEM_AllocItem(NULL, NULL, LENGTH_OF_NEW_NICKNAME + 1) and data must contain the new nickname as a zero terminated string. 9464
p12creat.c allocate space for a PFX structure and set up initial arena pool. pfx structure is cleared and a pointer to the new structure is returned. 6324
p12d.c This belongs in secport.h 112621
p12dec.c PFX extraction and validation routines 19806
p12e.c defined in p7create.c 67432
p12exp.c release the memory taken up by the list of nicknames 43563
p12local.c helper functions 46202
p12local.h helper functions 3463
p12plcy.c in bits 3167
p12plcy.h for the algid specified, can we decrypt it ? 755
p12t.h for SGNDigestInfo 4570
p12tmpl.c 9426
pkcs12.gyp 636
pkcs12.h Decode functions 1408
pkcs12t.h for SGNDigestInfo 11213