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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef _P12_H_
#define _P12_H_
#include "secoid.h"
#include "keyhi.h"
#include "secpkcs7.h"
#include "p12t.h"
typedef int(PR_CALLBACK *PKCS12OpenFunction)(void *arg);
typedef int(PR_CALLBACK *PKCS12ReadFunction)(void *arg,
unsigned char *buffer,
unsigned int *lenRead,
unsigned int maxLen);
typedef int(PR_CALLBACK *PKCS12WriteFunction)(void *arg,
unsigned char *buffer,
unsigned int *bufLen,
unsigned int *lenWritten);
typedef int(PR_CALLBACK *PKCS12CloseFunction)(void *arg);
typedef SECStatus(PR_CALLBACK *PKCS12UnicodeConvertFunction)(
PLArenaPool *arena,
SECItem *dest, SECItem *src,
PRBool toUnicode,
PRBool swapBytes);
typedef void(PR_CALLBACK *SEC_PKCS12EncoderOutputCallback)(
void *arg, const char *buf,
unsigned long len);
typedef void(PR_CALLBACK *SEC_PKCS12DecoderOutputCallback)(
void *arg, const char *buf,
unsigned long len);
* In NSS 3.12 or later, 'arg' actually points to a CERTCertificate,
* the 'leafCert' variable in sec_pkcs12_validate_cert in p12d.c.
* See r1.35 of p12d.c ("Patch 2" in bug 321584).
* This callback might be called by SEC_PKCS12DecoderValidateBags each time
* a nickname collission is detected. The callback must return a new
* nickname. The returned SECItem should be of type siAsciiString,
* it should be allocated using:
* and data must contain the new nickname as a zero terminated string.
typedef SECItem *(PR_CALLBACK *SEC_PKCS12NicknameCollisionCallback)(
SECItem *old_nickname,
PRBool *cancel,
void *arg);
* This callback is called by SEC_PKCS12DecoderRenameCertNicknames for each
* certificate found in the p12 source data.
* cert: A decoded certificate.
* default_nickname: The nickname as found in the source data.
* Will be NULL if source data doesn't have nickname.
* new_nickname: Output parameter that may contain the renamed nickname.
* arg: The user data that was passed to SEC_PKCS12DecoderRenameCertNicknames.
* If the callback accept that NSS will use a nickname based on the
* default_nickname (potentially resolving conflicts), then the callback
* must set *new_nickname to NULL.
* If the callback wishes to override the nickname, it must set *new_nickname
* to a new SECItem which should be allocated using
* new_nickname->type should be set to siAsciiString, and new_nickname->data
* must contain the new nickname as a zero terminated string.
* A return value of SECFailure indicates that the renaming operation failed,
* and callback should release new_nickname before returning if it's already
* being allocated.
* Otherwise, the callback function must return SECSuccess, including use
* default nickname as mentioned above.
typedef SECStatus(PR_CALLBACK *SEC_PKCS12NicknameRenameCallback)(
const CERTCertificate *cert,
const SECItem *default_nickname,
SECItem **new_nickname,
void *arg);
typedef SECStatus(PR_CALLBACK *digestOpenFn)(void *arg, PRBool readData);
typedef SECStatus(PR_CALLBACK *digestCloseFn)(void *arg, PRBool removeFile);
typedef int(PR_CALLBACK *digestIOFn)(void *arg, unsigned char *buf,
unsigned long len);
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12ExportContextStr SEC_PKCS12ExportContext;
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12SafeInfoStr SEC_PKCS12SafeInfo;
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12DecoderContextStr SEC_PKCS12DecoderContext;
typedef struct SEC_PKCS12DecoderItemStr SEC_PKCS12DecoderItem;
struct sec_PKCS12PasswordModeInfo {
SECItem *password;
SECOidTag algorithm;
struct sec_PKCS12PublicKeyModeInfo {
CERTCertificate *cert;
CERTCertDBHandle *certDb;
SECOidTag algorithm;
int keySize;
struct SEC_PKCS12DecoderItemStr {
SECItem *der;
SECOidTag type;
PRBool hasKey;
SECItem *friendlyName; /* UTF-8 string */
SECAlgorithmID *shroudAlg;
SEC_PKCS12SafeInfo *
SEC_PKCS12CreatePubKeyEncryptedSafe(SEC_PKCS12ExportContext *p12ctxt,
CERTCertDBHandle *certDb,
CERTCertificate *signer,
CERTCertificate **recipients,
SECOidTag algorithm, int keysize);
extern SEC_PKCS12SafeInfo *
SEC_PKCS12CreatePasswordPrivSafe(SEC_PKCS12ExportContext *p12ctxt,
SECItem *pwitem, SECOidTag privAlg);
extern SEC_PKCS12SafeInfo *
SEC_PKCS12CreateUnencryptedSafe(SEC_PKCS12ExportContext *p12ctxt);
extern SECStatus
SEC_PKCS12AddPasswordIntegrity(SEC_PKCS12ExportContext *p12ctxt,
SECItem *pwitem, SECOidTag integAlg);
extern SECStatus
SEC_PKCS12AddPublicKeyIntegrity(SEC_PKCS12ExportContext *p12ctxt,
CERTCertificate *cert, CERTCertDBHandle *certDb,
SECOidTag algorithm, int keySize);
extern SEC_PKCS12ExportContext *
SEC_PKCS12CreateExportContext(SECKEYGetPasswordKey pwfn, void *pwfnarg,
PK11SlotInfo *slot, void *wincx);
extern SECStatus
SEC_PKCS12AddCert(SEC_PKCS12ExportContext *p12ctxt,
SEC_PKCS12SafeInfo *safe, void *nestedDest,
CERTCertificate *cert, CERTCertDBHandle *certDb,
SECItem *keyId, PRBool includeCertChain);
extern SECStatus
SEC_PKCS12AddKeyForCert(SEC_PKCS12ExportContext *p12ctxt,
SEC_PKCS12SafeInfo *safe,
void *nestedDest, CERTCertificate *cert,
PRBool shroudKey, SECOidTag algorithm, SECItem *pwitem,
SECItem *keyId, SECItem *nickName);
extern SECStatus
SEC_PKCS12AddCertOrChainAndKey(SEC_PKCS12ExportContext *p12ctxt,
void *certSafe, void *certNestedDest,
CERTCertificate *cert, CERTCertDBHandle *certDb,
void *keySafe, void *keyNestedDest, PRBool shroudKey,
SECItem *pwitem, SECOidTag algorithm,
PRBool includeCertChain);
extern SECStatus
SEC_PKCS12AddCertAndKey(SEC_PKCS12ExportContext *p12ctxt,
void *certSafe, void *certNestedDest,
CERTCertificate *cert, CERTCertDBHandle *certDb,
void *keySafe, void *keyNestedDest,
PRBool shroudKey, SECItem *pwitem, SECOidTag algorithm);
extern void *
SEC_PKCS12CreateNestedSafeContents(SEC_PKCS12ExportContext *p12ctxt,
void *baseSafe, void *nestedDest);
extern SECStatus
SEC_PKCS12Encode(SEC_PKCS12ExportContext *p12exp,
SEC_PKCS12EncoderOutputCallback output, void *outputarg);
extern void
SEC_PKCS12DestroyExportContext(SEC_PKCS12ExportContext *p12exp);
extern SEC_PKCS12DecoderContext *
SEC_PKCS12DecoderStart(SECItem *pwitem, PK11SlotInfo *slot, void *wincx,
digestOpenFn dOpen, digestCloseFn dClose,
digestIOFn dRead, digestIOFn dWrite, void *dArg);
extern SECStatus
SEC_PKCS12DecoderSetTargetTokenCAs(SEC_PKCS12DecoderContext *p12dcx,
SECPKCS12TargetTokenCAs tokenCAs);
extern SECStatus
SEC_PKCS12DecoderUpdate(SEC_PKCS12DecoderContext *p12dcx, unsigned char *data,
unsigned long len);
extern void
SEC_PKCS12DecoderFinish(SEC_PKCS12DecoderContext *p12dcx);
extern SECStatus
SEC_PKCS12DecoderVerify(SEC_PKCS12DecoderContext *p12dcx);
extern SECStatus
SEC_PKCS12DecoderValidateBags(SEC_PKCS12DecoderContext *p12dcx,
SEC_PKCS12NicknameCollisionCallback nicknameCb);
* SEC_PKCS12DecoderRenameCertNicknames() can be used to change
* certificate nicknames in SEC_PKCS12DecoderContext, prior to calling
* SEC_PKCS12DecoderImportBags.
* arg: User-defined data that will be passed to nicknameCb.
* If SEC_PKCS12DecoderRenameCertNicknames() is called after calling
* SEC_PKCS12DecoderValidateBags(), then only the certificate nickname
* will be changed.
* If SEC_PKCS12DecoderRenameCertNicknames() is called prior to calling
* SEC_PKCS12DecoderValidateBags(), then SEC_PKCS12DecoderValidateBags()
* will change the nickname of the corresponding private key, too.
extern SECStatus
SEC_PKCS12DecoderRenameCertNicknames(SEC_PKCS12DecoderContext *p12dcx,
SEC_PKCS12NicknameRenameCallback nicknameCb,
void *arg);
extern SECStatus
SEC_PKCS12DecoderImportBags(SEC_PKCS12DecoderContext *p12dcx);
CERTCertList *
SEC_PKCS12DecoderGetCerts(SEC_PKCS12DecoderContext *p12dcx);
SEC_PKCS12DecoderIterateInit(SEC_PKCS12DecoderContext *p12dcx);
SEC_PKCS12DecoderIterateNext(SEC_PKCS12DecoderContext *p12dcx,
const SEC_PKCS12DecoderItem **ipp);