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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef _P12T_H_
#define _P12T_H_
#include "secoid.h"
#include "keythi.h"
#include "pkcs11.h"
#include "secpkcs7.h"
#include "secdig.h" /* for SGNDigestInfo */
#include "pkcs12t.h"
#define SEC_PKCS12_VERSION 3
/* structure declarations */
typedef struct sec_PKCS12PFXItemStr sec_PKCS12PFXItem;
typedef struct sec_PKCS12MacDataStr sec_PKCS12MacData;
typedef struct sec_PKCS12AuthenticatedSafeStr sec_PKCS12AuthenticatedSafe;
typedef struct sec_PKCS12SafeContentsStr sec_PKCS12SafeContents;
typedef struct sec_PKCS12SafeBagStr sec_PKCS12SafeBag;
typedef struct sec_PKCS12PKCS8ShroudedKeyBagStr sec_PKCS12PKCS8ShroudedKeyBag;
typedef struct sec_PKCS12CertBagStr sec_PKCS12CertBag;
typedef struct sec_PKCS12CRLBagStr sec_PKCS12CRLBag;
typedef struct sec_PKCS12SecretBag sec_PKCS12SecretBag;
typedef struct sec_PKCS12AttributeStr sec_PKCS12Attribute;
struct sec_PKCS12CertBagStr {
/* what type of cert is stored? */
SECItem bagID;
/* certificate information */
union {
SECItem x509Cert;
} value;
struct sec_PKCS12CRLBagStr {
/* what type of cert is stored? */
SECItem bagID;
/* certificate information */
union {
SECItem x509CRL;
} value;
struct sec_PKCS12SecretBag {
/* what type of secret? */
SECItem secretType;
/* secret information. ssshhhh be vewy vewy quiet. */
SECItem secretContent;
struct sec_PKCS12AttributeStr {
SECItem attrType;
SECItem **attrValue;
struct sec_PKCS12SafeBagStr {
/* What type of bag are we using? */
SECItem safeBagType;
/* Dependent upon the type of bag being used. */
union {
SECKEYPrivateKeyInfo *pkcs8KeyBag;
SECKEYEncryptedPrivateKeyInfo *pkcs8ShroudedKeyBag;
sec_PKCS12CertBag *certBag;
sec_PKCS12CRLBag *crlBag;
sec_PKCS12SecretBag *secretBag;
sec_PKCS12SafeContents *safeContents;
SECItem *unknownBag;
} safeBagContent;
sec_PKCS12Attribute **attribs;
/* used locally */
SECOidData *bagTypeTag;
PLArenaPool *arena;
unsigned int nAttribs;
/* used for validation/importing */
PRBool problem, noInstall, validated, hasKey, unused, installed;
int error;
PRBool swapUnicodeBytes;
PK11SlotInfo *slot;
SECItem *pwitem;
PRBool oldBagType;
SECPKCS12TargetTokenCAs tokenCAs;
struct sec_PKCS12SafeContentsStr {
sec_PKCS12SafeBag **safeBags;
SECItem **encodedSafeBags;
/* used locally */
PLArenaPool *arena;
unsigned int bagCount;
struct sec_PKCS12MacDataStr {
SGNDigestInfo safeMac;
SECItem macSalt;
SECItem iter;
struct sec_PKCS12PFXItemStr {
SECItem version;
/* Content type will either be Data (password integrity mode)
* or signedData (public-key integrity mode)
SEC_PKCS7ContentInfo *authSafe;
SECItem encodedAuthSafe;
/* Only present in password integrity mode */
sec_PKCS12MacData macData;
SECItem encodedMacData;
struct sec_PKCS12AuthenticatedSafeStr {
/* Content type will either be encryptedData (password privacy mode)
* or envelopedData (public-key privacy mode)
SEC_PKCS7ContentInfo **safes;
SECItem **encodedSafes;
/* used locally */
unsigned int safeCount;
SECItem dummySafe;
extern const SEC_ASN1Template sec_PKCS12PFXItemTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template sec_PKCS12MacDataTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template sec_PKCS12AuthenticatedSafeTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template sec_PKCS12SafeContentsTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template sec_PKCS12SafeContentsDecodeTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template sec_PKCS12NestedSafeContentsDecodeTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template sec_PKCS12CertBagTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template sec_PKCS12CRLBagTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template sec_PKCS12SecretBagTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template sec_PKCS12PointerToCertBagTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template sec_PKCS12PointerToCRLBagTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template sec_PKCS12PointerToSecretBagTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template sec_PKCS12PointerToSafeContentsTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template sec_PKCS12AttributeTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template sec_PKCS12PointerToContentInfoTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template sec_PKCS12SafeBagTemplate[];