Name Description Size
ChildDNSService.cpp 16751
ChildDNSService.h 2832
DNS.cpp 13587
DNS.h address family (0x00ff maskable) 8884
DNSAdditionalInfo.cpp 577
DNSAdditionalInfo.h 1139
DNSByTypeRecord.h 7890
DNSListenerProxy.cpp 1403
DNSListenerProxy.h 1887
DNSLogging.h 822
DNSPacket.cpp 33626
DNSPacket.h 3251
DNSRequestBase.h 5556
DNSRequestChild.cpp 17531
DNSRequestChild.h 1530
DNSRequestParent.cpp 6536
DNSRequestParent.h 1671
DNSServiceBase.cpp 2310
DNSServiceBase.h 1068
DNSUtils.cpp 2567
DNSUtils.h 786
effective_tld_names.dat 304924
GetAddrInfo.cpp 15251
GetAddrInfo.h Look up a host by name. Mostly equivalent to getaddrinfo(host, NULL, ...) of RFC 3493. @param aHost[in] Character string defining the host name of interest @param aAddressFamily[in] May be AF_INET, AF_INET6, or AF_UNSPEC. @param aFlags[in] May be either PR_AI_ADDRCONFIG or PR_AI_ADDRCONFIG | PR_AI_NOCANONNAME. Include PR_AI_NOCANONNAME to suppress the determination of the canonical name corresponding to hostname (PR_AI_NOCANONNAME will be ignored if the TTL is retrieved). @param aAddrInfo[out] Will point to the results of the host lookup, or be null if the lookup failed. @param aGetTtl[in] If true, the TTL will be retrieved if DNS provides the answers.. 2814
HostRecordQueue.cpp 7191
HostRecordQueue.h 3048
HTTPSSVC.cpp 16032
IDNBlocklistUtils.cpp 2788
IDNBlocklistUtils.h 2175 1365 2621
NativeDNSResolverOverrideChild.cpp 1381
NativeDNSResolverOverrideChild.h 1402
NativeDNSResolverOverrideParent.cpp 3101
NativeDNSResolverOverrideParent.h 1098
nsDNSService2.cpp 55030
nsDNSService2.h 4464
nsEffectiveTLDService.cpp Signal sent from netwerk/dns/PublicSuffixList.jsm aSubject is the nsIFile object for dafsa.bin aData is the absolute path to the dafsa.bin file (not used) 16160
nsEffectiveTLDService.h 3272
nsHostRecord.cpp 19892
nsHostRecord.h This class is used to notify listeners when a ResolveHost operation is complete. Classes that derive it must implement threadsafe nsISupports to be able to use RefPtr with this class. 14557
nsHostResolver.cpp 65866
nsHostResolver.h nsHostResolver - an asynchronous host name resolver. 14408
nsIDNKitInterface.h __cplusplus 5932
nsIDNSAdditionalInfo.idl 435
nsIDNSByTypeRecord.idl Returns DNS request type that was made for this request. 3928
nsIDNService.cpp Implementation file 26784
nsIDNService.h Convert the following characters that must be recognized as label separators per RFC 3490 to ASCII full stop characters U+3002 (ideographic full stop) U+FF0E (fullwidth full stop) U+FF61 (halfwidth ideographic full stop) 6172
nsIDNSListener.idl nsIDNSListener 1188
nsIDNSRecord.idl nsIDNSRecord this interface represents the result of a DNS lookup. since a DNS query may return more than one resolved IP address, the record acts like an enumerator, allowing the caller to easily step through the list of IP addresses. 4735
nsIDNSService.idl nsIDNSService 15081
nsIEffectiveTLDService.idl Returns the public suffix of a URI. A public suffix is the highest-level domain under which individual domains may be registered; it may therefore contain one or more dots. For example, the public suffix for "" is "", because the .uk TLD does not allow the registration of domains at the second level ("" is forbidden). The public suffix will be returned encoded in ASCII/ACE and will be normalized according to RFC 3454, i.e. the same encoding returned by nsIURI::GetAsciiHost(). If consumers wish to compare the result of this method against the host from another nsIURI, the host should be obtained using nsIURI::GetAsciiHost(). In the case of nested URIs, the innermost URI will be used. @param aURI The URI to be analyzed @returns the public suffix @throws NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED or other error returned by nsIIDNService::normalize when the hostname contains characters disallowed in URIs @throws NS_ERROR_HOST_IS_IP_ADDRESS if the host is a numeric IPv4 or IPv6 address (as determined by the success of a call to PR_StringToNetAddr()). 9158
nsIIDNService.idl nsIIDNService interface. IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) support. Provides facilities for manipulating IDN hostnames according to the specification set forth by the IETF. IDN effort: IDNA specification: 1944
nsINativeDNSResolverOverride.idl Adds an IP override for this specific host. 833
nsITRRSkipReason.idl 6619
nsPIDNSService.idl This is a private interface used by the internals of the networking library. It will never be frozen. Do not use it in external code. 1160
PDNSRequest.ipdl 1224
PDNSRequestParams.ipdlh 1077
PNativeDNSResolverOverride.ipdl 737 Processes a file containing effective TLD data. See the following URL for a description of effective TLDs and of the file format that this script processes (although for the latter you're better off just reading this file's short source code). 4350
PTRRService.ipdl 1061
PublicSuffixList.sys.mjs We have a single record for this collection. Let's see if we already have it locally. Note that on startup, we don't need to synchronize immediately on new profiles. 3623
punycode.c / /* Implementation (would normally go in its own .c file): 9871
punycode.h __cplusplus 5062
TRR.cpp 35603
TRR.h 5414
TRRQuery.cpp 12391
TRRQuery.h 4060
TRRService.cpp 46026
TRRService.h 14163
TRRServiceBase.cpp 11461
TRRServiceBase.h 3346
TRRServiceChild.cpp static 3848
TRRServiceChild.h 1777
TRRServiceParent.cpp 7102
TRRServiceParent.h 1869