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AsyncSpellCheckTestHelper.jsm Waits until spell checking has stopped on the given element. When a spell check is pending, this waits indefinitely until the spell check ends. When a spell check is not pending, it waits a small number of turns of the event loop: if a spell check begins, it resumes waiting indefinitely for the end, and otherwise it stops waiting and calls the callback. This this can therefore trap spell checks that have not started at the time of calling, spell checks that have already started, multiple consecutive spell checks, and the absence of spell checks altogether. @param editableElement The element being spell checked. @param callback Called when spell check has completed or enough turns of the event loop have passed to determine it has not started. 3335
composer 9
libeditor 78 932
nsIDocumentStateListener.idl 610
nsIEditActionListener.idl Editor Action Listener interface to outside world 4522
nsIEditor.idl edit flags for this editor. May be set at any time. 22868
nsIEditorMailSupport.idl Insert a string as quoted text (whose representation is dependant on the editor type), replacing the selected text (if any), including, if possible, a "cite" attribute. @param aQuotedText The actual text to be quoted @param aCitation The "mid" URL of the source message @param aInsertHTML Insert as html? (vs plaintext) @return The node which was inserted 1300
nsIEditorObserver.idl nsIEditorObserver is the interface used by applications wishing to be notified when the editor has completed a user action. Note that when you want to use this from C++, please check if EditorBase can treat your class directly since using this interface may make editor slower. 806
nsIEditorSpellCheck.idl Returns true if we can enable spellchecking. If there are no available dictionaries, this will return false. 5305
nsIEditorStyleSheets.idl Load and apply the override style sheet, specified by aURL, to the editor's document, replacing the last override style sheet added (if any). This is always synchronous, so aURL should be a local file with only local @imports. This action is not undoable. It is not intended for "user" style sheets, only for editor developers to add sheets to change display behavior for editing (like showing special cursors) that will not be affected by loading "document" style sheets with addStyleSheet or especially replaceStyleSheet. @param aURL The style sheet to be loaded and applied. 2069
nsIHTMLAbsPosEditor.idl true if Absolute Positioning handling is enabled in the editor 1119
nsIHTMLEditor.idl ------------ Inline property methods -------------- 15570
nsIHTMLInlineTableEditor.idl boolean indicating if inline table editing is enabled in the editor. When inline table editing is enabled, and when the selection is contained in a table cell, special buttons allowing to add/remove a line/column are available on the cell's border. 1204
nsIHTMLObjectResizer.idl a boolean indicating if object resizing is enabled in the editor 1346
nsIPlaintextEditor.idl The valid values for newlines handling. Can't change the values unless we remove use of the pref. 3959
nsITableEditor.idl insertTableCell() inserts <td> elements before or after a cell element containing first selection range. I.e., if the cell spans columns and aInsertPosition is true, new columns will be inserted after the right-most column which contains the cell. Note that this simply inserts <td> elements, i.e., colspan and rowspan around the cell containing selection are not modified. So, for example, adding a cell to rectangular table changes non-rectangular table. And if a cell containing selection is at left of row-spanning cell, it may be moved to right side of the row-spanning cell after inserting some cell elements before it. Similarly, colspan won't be adjusted for keeping table rectangle. If first selection range is not in table cell element, this does nothing without exception. @param aNumberOfCellssToInsert Number of cells to insert. @param aInsertAfterSelectedCell true if new cells should be inserted before current cell. Otherwise, will be inserted after the cell. 24393
reftests 205
spellchecker 11
txmgr 12