Name Description Size
EditorSpellCheck.cpp Gets the URI of aEditor's document. 33073
EditorSpellCheck.h Declare all methods in the nsIEditorSpellCheck interface 2918
FilteredContentIterator.cpp 11467
FilteredContentIterator.h Helpers 2609
TextServicesDocument.cpp 83484
TextServicesDocument.h The TextServicesDocument presents the document in as a bunch of flattened text blocks. Each text block can be retrieved as an nsString. 11603 671
nsComposeTxtSrvFilter.cpp 2136
nsComposeTxtSrvFilter.h This class enables those using it to skip over certain nodes when traversing content. This filter is used to skip over various form control nodes and mail's cite nodes 1219
nsIInlineSpellChecker.idl 1176
tests 23