Name Description Size
AutoRangeArray.cpp mozilla::AutoRangeArray *************************************************************************** 48041
AutoRangeArray.h AutoRangeArray stores ranges which do no belong any `Selection`. So, different from `AutoSelectionRangeArray`, this can be used for ranges which may need to be modified before touching the DOM tree, but does not want to modify `Selection` for the performance. *************************************************************************** 17706
ChangeAttributeTransaction.cpp 5365
ChangeAttributeTransaction.h A transaction that changes an attribute of a content node. This transaction covers add, remove, and change attribute. 3104
ChangeStyleTransaction.cpp 11925
ChangeStyleTransaction.h A transaction that changes the value of a CSS inline style of a content node. This transaction covers add, remove, and change a property's value. 5117
CompositionTransaction.cpp 17847
CompositionTransaction.h CompositionTransaction stores all edit for a composition, i.e., from compositionstart event to compositionend event. E.g., inserting a composition string, modifying the composition string or its IME selection ranges and commit or cancel the composition. 3525
crashtests 118
CSSEditUtils.cpp 47397
CSSEditUtils.h Answers true if the given combination element_name/attribute_name has a CSS equivalence in this implementation. @param aNode [IN] A DOM node. @param aProperty [IN] An atom containing a HTML tag name. @param aAttribute [IN] An atom containing a HTML attribute carried by the element above. @return A boolean saying if the tag/attribute has a CSS equiv. 22633
DeleteNodeTransaction.cpp 6044
DeleteNodeTransaction.h A transaction that deletes a single element 2298
DeleteRangeTransaction.cpp 11482
DeleteRangeTransaction.h A transaction that deletes an entire range in the content tree 4777
DeleteTextTransaction.cpp 6238
DeleteTextTransaction.h A transaction that removes text from a content node. 3415
EditAction.h EditAction indicates which operation or command causes running the methods of editors. 30071
EditAggregateTransaction.cpp 5561
EditAggregateTransaction.h base class for all document editing transactions that require aggregation. provides a list of child transactions. 2021
EditorBase.cpp 254246
EditorBase.h Implementation of an editor object. it will be the controller/focal point for the main editor services. i.e. the GUIManager, publishing, transaction manager, event interfaces. the idea for the event interfaces is to have them delegate the actual commands to the editor independent of the XPFE implementation. 115755
EditorCommands.cpp mozilla::EditorCommand **************************************************************************** 37552
EditorCommands.h EditorCommandParamType tells you that EditorCommand subclasses refer which type in nsCommandParams (e.g., bool or nsString) or do not refer. If they refer some types, also set where is in nsCommandParams, e.g., whether "state_attribute" or "state_data". 35907
EditorController.cpp 6266
EditorController.h 923
EditorDOMPoint.h EditorDOMPoint and EditorRawDOMPoint are simple classes which refers a point in the DOM tree at creating the instance or initializing the instance with calling Set(). EditorDOMPoint refers container node (and child node if it's already set) with nsCOMPtr. EditorRawDOMPoint refers them with raw pointer. So, EditorRawDOMPoint is useful when you access the nodes only before changing DOM tree since increasing refcount may appear in micro benchmark if it's in a hot path. On the other hand, if you need to refer them even after changing DOM tree, you must use EditorDOMPoint. When initializing an instance only with child node or offset, the instance starts to refer the child node or offset in the container. In this case, the other information hasn't been initialized due to performance reason. When you retrieve the other information with calling Offset() or GetChild(), the other information is computed with the current DOM tree. Therefore, e.g., in the following case, the other information may be different: EditorDOMPoint pointA(container1, childNode1); EditorDOMPoint pointB(container1, childNode1); Unused << pointA.Offset(); // The offset is computed now. container1->RemoveChild(childNode1->GetPreviousSibling()); Unused << pointB.Offset(); // Now, pointB.Offset() equals pointA.Offset() - 1 similarly: EditorDOMPoint pointA(container1, 5); EditorDOMPoint pointB(container1, 5); Unused << pointA.GetChild(); // The child is computed now. container1->RemoveChild(childNode1->GetFirstChild()); Unused << pointB.GetChild(); // Now, pointB.GetChild() equals // pointA.GetChild()->GetPreviousSibling(). So, when you initialize an instance only with one information, you need to be careful when you access the other information after changing the DOM tree. When you need to lock the child node or offset and recompute the other information with new DOM tree, you can use AutoEditorDOMPointOffsetInvalidator and AutoEditorDOMPointChildInvalidator. 55665
EditorEventListener.cpp for any window 42269
EditorEventListener.h DetachedFromEditor() returns true if editor was detached. Otherwise, false. 4091
EditorForwards.h Forward declarations of other modules' **************************************************************************** 6946
EditorUtils.cpp mozilla::EditActionResult *************************************************************************** 18141
EditorUtils.h EditActionResult is useful to return the handling state of edit sub actions without out params. 15125
EditTransactionBase.cpp 3559
EditTransactionBase.h Base class for all document editing transactions. 3080
HTMLAbsPositionEditor.cpp 35551
HTMLAnonymousNodeEditor.cpp mozilla::ElementDeletionObserver *************************************************************************** 22141
HTMLEditHelpers.cpp some helper classes for iterating the dom tree *************************************************************************** 8278
HTMLEditHelpers.h This header declares/defines trivial helper classes which are used by HTMLEditor. If you want to create or look for static utility methods, see HTMLEditUtils.h. 47433
HTMLEditor.cpp HTMLEditor::AutoSelectionRestorer *************************************************************************** 259474
HTMLEditor.h The HTML editor implementation.<br> Use to edit HTML document represented as a DOM tree. 211540
HTMLEditorCommands.cpp mozilla::StateUpdatingCommandBase *************************************************************************** 47958
HTMLEditorController.cpp 5805
HTMLEditorController.h mozllla_HTMLEditorController_h__ 798
HTMLEditorDataTransfer.cpp 168412
HTMLEditorDeleteHandler.cpp AutoSetTemporaryAncestorLimiter ************************************************************************** 263553
HTMLEditorDocumentCommands.cpp mozilla::SetDocumentStateCommand Commands for document state that may be changed via doCommandParams As of 11/11/02, this is just "cmd_setDocumentModified" Note that you can use the same command class, SetDocumentStateCommand, for more than one of this type of command We check the input command param for different behavior *************************************************************************** 17835
HTMLEditorEventListener.cpp 14992
HTMLEditorEventListener.h Connect() fails if aEditorBase isn't an HTMLEditor instance. 3296
HTMLEditorObjectResizer.cpp mozilla::HTMLEditor **************************************************************************** 54505
HTMLEditorState.cpp ListElementSelectionState ************************************************************************** 24803
HTMLEditSubActionHandler.cpp first some helpful functors we will use ****************************************************** 476133
HTMLEditUtils.cpp 85656
HTMLEditUtils.h This header declares/defines static helper methods as members of HTMLEditUtils. If you want to create or look for helper trivial classes for HTMLEditor, see HTMLEditHelpers.h. 88984
HTMLInlineTableEditor.cpp 18809
HTMLStyleEditor.cpp 137570
HTMLTableEditor.cpp Stack based helper class for restoring selection after table edit. 175227
InsertNodeTransaction.cpp 7130
InsertNodeTransaction.h A transaction that inserts a single element 3213
InsertTextTransaction.cpp 7148
InsertTextTransaction.h A transaction that inserts text into a content node. 2868
InternetCiter.cpp Mail citations using the Internet style: > This is a citation. 10299
InternetCiter.h Mail citations using standard Internet style. 825
JoinNodesTransaction.cpp 7870
JoinNodesTransaction.h A transaction that joins two nodes E1 (left node) and E2 (right node) into a single node E. The children of E are the children of E1 followed by the children of E2. After DoTransaction() and RedoTransaction(), E1 is removed from the content tree and E2 remains. 3845
ManualNAC.h Smart pointer class to own "manual" Native Anonymous Content, and perform the necessary registration and deregistration on the parent element. 3826
MoveNodeTransaction.cpp 12092
MoveNodeTransaction.h A transaction that moves a content node to a specified point. 4119 2710
PendingStyles.cpp mozilla::PendingStyles ***************************************************************** 16584
PendingStyles.h PendingStyles stores pending inline styles which WILL be applied to new content when it'll be inserted. I.e., updating styles of this class means that it does NOT update the DOM tree immediately. **************************************************************************** 12053
PlaceholderTransaction.cpp 14470
PlaceholderTransaction.h An aggregate transaction that knows how to absorb all subsequent transactions with the same name. This transaction does not "Do" anything. But it absorbs other transactions via merge, and can undo/redo the transactions it has absorbed. 3411
ReplaceTextTransaction.cpp 7687
ReplaceTextTransaction.h 2989
SelectionState.cpp mozilla::RangeItem *************************************************************************** 19839
SelectionState.h A helper struct for saving/setting ranges. 19297
SplitNodeTransaction.cpp 9388
SplitNodeTransaction.h A transaction that splits a node into two identical nodes, with the children divided between the new nodes. 3679
tests 296
TextEditor.cpp 38778
TextEditor.h The text editor implementation. Use to edit text document represented as a DOM tree. 23996
TextEditorDataTransfer.cpp 10439
TextEditSubActionHandler.cpp 29299
WSRunObject.cpp 187135
WSRunObject.h WSScanResult is result of ScanNextVisibleNodeOrBlockBoundaryFrom(), ScanPreviousVisibleNodeOrBlockBoundaryFrom(), and their static wrapper methods. This will have information of found visible content (and its position) or reached block element or topmost editable content at the start of scanner. 66819