Name Description Size
8kHz-320kbps-6ch.aac 0
1856145.ogg 0
audio-expected.wav 0
audio-mono-expected-2.wav 0
audio-mono-expected.wav 0
audio-quad.wav 0
audio.ogv 0
audioBufferSourceNodeDetached_worker.js 52
audiovideo.mp4 0
corsServer.sjs 942
file_nodeCreationDocumentGone.html 127 1635
half-a-second-1ch-44100-aac-afconvert.mp4 0
half-a-second-1ch-44100-aac.aac 0
half-a-second-1ch-44100-aac.mp4 0
half-a-second-1ch-44100-alaw.wav 0
half-a-second-1ch-44100-flac.flac 0
half-a-second-1ch-44100-libmp3lame.mp3 0
half-a-second-1ch-44100-libopus.mp4 0
half-a-second-1ch-44100-libopus.opus 0
half-a-second-1ch-44100-libopus.webm 0
half-a-second-1ch-44100-libvorbis.ogg 0
half-a-second-1ch-44100-libvorbis.webm 0
half-a-second-1ch-44100-mulaw.wav 0
half-a-second-1ch-44100.wav 0
half-a-second-1ch-48000-aac.aac 0
half-a-second-1ch-48000-aac.mp4 0
half-a-second-1ch-48000-flac.flac 0
half-a-second-1ch-48000-libmp3lame.mp3 0
half-a-second-1ch-48000-libopus.mp4 0
half-a-second-1ch-48000-libopus.opus 0
half-a-second-1ch-48000-libopus.webm 0
half-a-second-1ch-48000-libvorbis.ogg 0
half-a-second-1ch-48000-libvorbis.webm 0
half-a-second-1ch-48000.wav 0
half-a-second-2ch-44100-aac.aac 0
half-a-second-2ch-44100-aac.mp4 0
half-a-second-2ch-44100-flac.flac 0
half-a-second-2ch-44100-libmp3lame.mp3 0
half-a-second-2ch-44100-libopus.mp4 0
half-a-second-2ch-44100-libopus.opus 0
half-a-second-2ch-44100-libopus.webm 0
half-a-second-2ch-44100-libvorbis.ogg 0
half-a-second-2ch-44100-libvorbis.webm 0
half-a-second-2ch-44100.wav 0
half-a-second-2ch-48000-aac.aac 0
half-a-second-2ch-48000-aac.mp4 0
half-a-second-2ch-48000-flac.flac 0
half-a-second-2ch-48000-libmp3lame.mp3 0
half-a-second-2ch-48000-libopus.mp4 0
half-a-second-2ch-48000-libopus.opus 0
half-a-second-2ch-48000-libopus.webm 0
half-a-second-2ch-48000-libvorbis.ogg 0
half-a-second-2ch-48000-libvorbis.webm 0
half-a-second-2ch-48000.wav 0
invalid.txt 34
invalidContent.flac 5
layouttest-glue.js 343
mochitest.toml 8438
mochitest_audio.toml 2161
mochitest_bugs.toml 1607
mochitest_media.toml 1908
nil-packet.ogg 0
noaudio.webm 0
sine-440-10s.opus 0
sixteen-frames.mp3 0
small-shot-expected.wav 0
small-shot-mono-expected.wav 0
small-shot.mp3 0
small-shot.ogg 0
sweep-300-330-1sec.opus 0
test_analyserNode.html Test AnalyserNode 6620
test_analyserNodeMinimum.html Test AnalyserNode when the input is silent 1256
test_analyserNodeOutput.html Test AnalyserNode 950
test_analyserNodePassThrough.html Test AnalyserNode with passthrough 1157
test_analyserNodeWithGain.html Test effect of AnalyserNode on GainNode output 1534
test_analyserScale.html Test AnalyserNode when the input is scaled 1421
test_AudioBuffer.html Test whether we can create an AudioContext interface 3445
test_audioBufferSourceNode.html Test AudioBufferSourceNode 1201
test_audioBufferSourceNodeDetached.html Test AudioBufferSourceNode when an AudioBuffer's getChanneData buffer is detached 1398
test_audioBufferSourceNodeEnded.html Test ended event on AudioBufferSourceNode 955
test_audioBufferSourceNodeLazyLoopParam.html Test AudioBufferSourceNode 1281
test_audioBufferSourceNodeLoop.html Test AudioBufferSourceNode looping 1183
test_audioBufferSourceNodeLoopStartEnd.html Test AudioBufferSourceNode looping 1540
test_audioBufferSourceNodeLoopStartEndSame.html Test AudioBufferSourceNode looping 1158
test_audioBufferSourceNodeNoStart.html Test AudioBufferSourceNode when start() is not called 799
test_audioBufferSourceNodeNullBuffer.html Test AudioBufferSourceNode 661
test_audioBufferSourceNodeOffset.html Test the offset property on AudioBufferSourceNode 1563
test_audioBufferSourceNodePassThrough.html Test AudioBufferSourceNode with passthrough 1148
test_audioBufferSourceNodeRate.html Test AudioBufferSourceNode 1917
test_AudioContext.html Test whether we can create an AudioContext interface 584
test_AudioContext_disabled.html Test whether we can disable the AudioContext interface 1393
test_audioContextGC.html Test inactive AudioContext is garbage collected 4340
test_audioContextParams_recordNonDefaultSampleRate.html 1204
test_audioContextParams_sampleRate.html 2960
test_audioContextSuspendResumeClose.html Test suspend, resume and close method of the AudioContext 13049
test_audioDestinationNode.html Test AudioDestinationNode as EventTarget 630
test_AudioListener.html Test AudioContext.listener and the AudioListener interface 814
test_AudioNodeDevtoolsAPI.html Test the devtool AudioNode API 1699
test_audioParamChaining.html Test whether we can create an AudioContext interface 2538
test_AudioParamDevtoolsAPI.html Test the devtool AudioParam API 1526
test_audioParamExponentialRamp.html Test AudioParam.exponentialRampToValue 1662
test_audioParamGain.html Test AudioParam with pre-gain 1508
test_audioParamLinearRamp.html Test AudioParam.linearRampToValue 1334
test_audioParamSetCurveAtTime.html Test AudioParam.linearRampToValue 1349
test_audioParamSetTargetAtTime.html Test AudioParam.setTargetAtTime 1301
test_audioParamSetTargetAtTimeZeroTimeConstant.html Test AudioParam.setTargetAtTime with zero time constant 1595
test_audioParamSetValueAtTime.html Test AudioParam.linearRampToValue 1202
test_audioParamTimelineDestinationOffset.html Test AudioParam timeline events scheduled after the destination stream has started playback 1306
test_badConnect.html Test whether we can create an AudioContext interface 1524
test_biquadFilterNode.html Test BiquadFilterNode 2961
test_biquadFilterNodePassThrough.html Test BiquadFilterNode with passthrough 1155
test_biquadFilterNodeWithGain.html Test BiquadFilterNode after a GainNode and tail - Bugs 924286 and 924288 1711
test_bug808374.html Crashtest for bug 808374 470
test_bug827541.html Tell the cycle collector about the audio contexts owned by nsGlobalWindow 795
test_bug839753.html Crashtest for bug 839753 438
test_bug845960.html Crashtest for bug 845960 478
test_bug856771.html Test for bug 856771 564
test_bug866570.html Crashtest for bug 859600 404
test_bug866737.html Test for bug 866737 764
test_bug867089.html Crashtest for bug 867089 1079
test_bug867174.html Crashtest for bug 867174 858
test_bug873335.html 386
test_bug875221.html Crashtest for bug 875221 11122
test_bug875402.html Crashtest for bug 875402 1730
test_bug894150.html Test whether we can create an AudioContext interface 490
test_bug956489.html Test when and currentTime are in the same coordinate system 1664
test_bug964376.html Test repeating audio is not distorted 1706
test_bug966247.html Test whether an audio file played with a volume set to 0 plays silence 1223
test_bug972678.html Test buffers do not interfere when scheduled in sequence 1774
test_bug1027864.html Test bug 1027864 1556
test_bug1056032.html Test that we can decode an mp3 (bug 1056032) 940
test_bug1113634.html Test AudioParam.setTargetAtTime where the target time is the same as the time of a previous event 1693
test_bug1118372.html Test WaveShaperNode with no curve 1210
test_bug1255618.html Test sync XHR does not crash unlinked AudioContext 1072
test_bug1267579.html Test that PeriodicWave handles fundamental fequency of zero 1166
test_bug1355798.html Test PannerNode produces output even when the even when the distance is from the listener is zero, and the cone gain is present, regression test for bug 1355798. 960
test_bug1447273.html Test bug 1447273 - GainNode with a stereo input and changing volume 7239
test_channelMergerNode.html Test ChannelMergerNode 1693
test_channelMergerNodeWithVolume.html Test ChannelMergerNode 1792
test_channelSplitterNode.html Test ChannelSplitterNode 2145
test_channelSplitterNodeWithVolume.html Test ChannelSplitterNode 2383
test_convolver-upmixing-1-channel-response.html Test that up-mixing signals in ConvolverNode processing is linear 6617
test_convolverNode.html Test the ConvolverNode interface 945
test_convolverNode_mono_mono.html 2297
test_convolverNodeChannelCount.html Test ConvolverNode channel count 1896
test_convolverNodeChannelInterpretationChanges.html Test up-mixing in ConvolverNode after ChannelInterpretation change 7323
test_convolverNodeDelay.html Test convolution to delay a triangle pulse 2293
test_convolverNodeFiniteInfluence.html Test convolution effect has finite duration 1545
test_convolverNodeNormalization.html Test normalization of convolution buffers 2856
test_convolverNodeOOM.html Test ConvolverNode with very large buffer that triggers an OOM 1157
test_convolverNodePassThrough.html Test ConvolverNode with passthrough 1203
test_convolverNodeWithGain.html Test ConvolverNode after a GainNode - Bug 891254 1682
test_currentTime.html Test AudioContext.currentTime 838
test_decodeAudioDataOnDetachedBuffer.html Bug 1308434 - Test DecodeAudioData on detached buffer 1331
test_decodeAudioDataPromise.html Test the decodeAudioData API with Promise 1754
test_decodeAudioError.html Test the decodeAudioData Errors 2073
test_decodeMultichannel.html Test that we can decode multichannel file with webaudio and <audio> 1787
test_decodeOpusTail.html Regression test to check that opus files don't have a tail at the end. 955
test_decoderDelay.html Test that decoder delay is handled 5874
test_delaynode-channel-count-1.html Test that DelayNode output channelCount matches that of the delayed input 4581
test_delayNode.html Test DelayNode 3475
test_delayNodeAtMax.html Test DelayNode with maxDelayTime delay - bug 890528 1394
test_delayNodeChannelChanges.html test DelayNode channel count changes 2704
test_delayNodeCycles.html Test the support of cycles. 4306
test_delayNodePassThrough.html Test DelayNode 1322
test_delayNodeSmallMaxDelay.html Test DelayNode 981
test_delayNodeTailIncrease.html Test increasing delay of DelayNode after input finishes 2002
test_delayNodeTailWithDisconnect.html Test tail time lifetime of DelayNode after input is disconnected 2819
test_delayNodeTailWithGain.html Test tail time lifetime of DelayNode indirectly connected to source 1925
test_delayNodeTailWithReconnect.html Test tail time lifetime of DelayNode after input finishes and new input added 3660
test_delayNodeWithGain.html Test DelayNode with a GainNode 1371
test_disconnectAll.html Test whether we can disconnect an AudioNode 1316
test_disconnectAudioParam.html Test whether we can disconnect an AudioParam 1440
test_disconnectAudioParamFromOutput.html Test whether we can disconnect an AudioParam 1771
test_disconnectExceptions.html Test whether we can disconnect an AudioNode 2269
test_disconnectFromAudioNode.html Test whether we can disconnect an AudioNode 1376
test_disconnectFromAudioNodeAndOutput.html Test whether we can disconnect an AudioNode 1626
test_disconnectFromAudioNodeAndOutputAndInput.html Test whether we can disconnect an AudioNode 1547
test_disconnectFromAudioNodeMultipleConnection.html Test whether we can disconnect all outbound connection of an AudioNode 1438
test_disconnectFromOutput.html Test whether we can disconnect an AudioNode 1409
test_dynamicsCompressorNode.html Test DynamicsCompressorNode 2353
test_dynamicsCompressorNodePassThrough.html Test DynamicsCompressorNode with passthrough 1201
test_dynamicsCompressorNodeWithGain.html Test DynamicsCompressor with Gain 1587
test_event_listener_leaks.html Bug 1450358 - Test AudioContext event listener leak conditions 1307
test_gainNode.html Test GainNode 2437
test_gainNodeInLoop.html Test GainNode in presence of loops 1267
test_gainNodePassThrough.html Test GainNode with passthrough 1145
test_iirFilterNodePassThrough.html Test IIRFilterNode with passthrough 1166
test_maxChannelCount.html Test the AudioContext.destination interface 1126
test_mediaDecoding.html Test the decodeAudioData API and Resampling 13892
test_mediaElementAudioSourceNode.html Test MediaElementAudioSourceNode 2481
test_mediaElementAudioSourceNodeCrossOrigin.html Test MediaStreamAudioSourceNode doesn't get data from cross-origin media resources 2999
test_mediaElementAudioSourceNodeFidelity.html Test MediaStreamAudioSourceNode doesn't get data from cross-origin media resources 4533
test_mediaElementAudioSourceNodePassThrough.html Test MediaElementAudioSourceNode with passthrough 1823
test_mediaElementAudioSourceNodeVideo.html Test MediaElementAudioSourceNode before "loadedmetadata" 1529
test_mediaStreamAudioDestinationNode.html Test MediaStreamAudioDestinationNode 1652
test_mediaStreamAudioSourceNode.html Test MediaStreamAudioSourceNode processing is correct 1456
test_mediaStreamAudioSourceNodeCrossOrigin.html Test MediaStreamAudioSourceNode doesn't get data from cross-origin media resources 1616
test_mediaStreamAudioSourceNodeNoGC.html Test that MediaStreamAudioSourceNode and its input MediaStream stays alive while there are active tracks 3663
test_mediaStreamAudioSourceNodePassThrough.html Test MediaStreamAudioSourceNode passthrough 1690
test_mediaStreamAudioSourceNodeResampling.html Test MediaStreamAudioSourceNode processing is correct 2509
test_mediaStreamTrackAudioSourceNode.html Test MediaStreamTrackAudioSourceNode processing is correct 1586
test_mediaStreamTrackAudioSourceNodeCrossOrigin.html Test MediaStreamTrackAudioSourceNode doesn't get data from cross-origin media resources 1451
test_mediaStreamTrackAudioSourceNodeVideo.html Test MediaStreamTrackAudioSourceNode throw video track 886
test_mixingRules.html Testcase for AudioNode channel up-mix/down-mix rules 18186
test_nodeCreationDocumentGone.html Test whether we can create an AudioContext interface 759
test_nodeToParamConnection.html Test connecting an AudioNode to an AudioParam 1725
test_notAllowedToStartAudioContextGC.html Test GC for not-allow-to-start audio context 1603
test_OfflineAudioContext.html Test OfflineAudioContext 3687
test_offlineDestinationChannelCountLess.html Test OfflineAudioContext with a channel count less than the specified number 1253
test_offlineDestinationChannelCountMore.html Test OfflineAudioContext with a channel count less than the specified number 1445
test_oscillatorNode.html Test the OscillatorNode interface 1746
test_oscillatorNode2.html Test OscillatorNode lifetime and sine phase 1324
test_oscillatorNodeNegativeFrequency.html Test the OscillatorNode when the frequency is negative 1292
test_oscillatorNodePassThrough.html Test Oscillator with passthrough 1099
test_oscillatorNodeStart.html Test the OscillatorNode interface 906
test_oscillatorTypeChange.html Test OscillatorNode type change after it has started and triangle phase 1782
test_pannerNode.html Test PannerNode 2524
test_pannerNode_audioparam_distance.html Distance effect of a PannerNode with the position set via AudioParams (Bug 1472550) 1246
test_pannerNode_equalPower.html Test PannerNode 846
test_pannerNode_maxDistance.html Test PannerNode outputs silence when the distance is greater than maxDist 1357
test_pannerNodeAbove.html Test PannerNode directly above 1627
test_pannerNodeAtZeroDistance.html Test PannerNode produces output even when the even when the distance is from the listener is zero 3732
test_pannerNodeChannelCount.html Test PannerNode directly above 1508
test_pannerNodeHRTFSymmetry.html Test left/right symmetry and block-offset invariance of HRTF panner 2480
test_pannerNodePassThrough.html Test PannerNode with passthrough 1413
test_pannerNodeTail.html Test tail time lifetime of PannerNode 7592
test_periodicWave.html Test the PeriodicWave interface 4175
test_periodicWaveBandLimiting.html Test effect of band limiting on PeriodicWave signals 3211
test_periodicWaveDisableNormalization.html Test PeriodicWave disableNormalization Parameter 3204
test_retrospective-exponentialRampToValueAtTime.html Test exponentialRampToValue with end time in the past 1492
test_retrospective-linearRampToValueAtTime.html Test linearRampToValue with end time in the past 1467
test_retrospective-setTargetAtTime.html Test setTargetAtTime with start time in the past 1461
test_retrospective-setValueAtTime.html Test setValueAtTime with startTime in the past 1685
test_retrospective-setValueCurveAtTime.html Test SetValueCurve with start time in the past 1402
test_ScriptProcessorCollected1.html Test ScriptProcessorNode in cycle with no listener is collected 2044
test_scriptProcessorNode.html Test ScriptProcessorNode 5449
test_scriptProcessorNode_playbackTime1.html Test ScriptProcessorNode playbackTime for bug 970773 1552
test_scriptProcessorNodeChannelCount.html Test AudioBufferSourceNode 2724
test_scriptProcessorNodeNotConnected.html Test AudioBufferSourceNode: should not fire audioprocess if not connected. 1057
test_scriptProcessorNodePassThrough.html Test ScriptProcessorNode with passthrough 3971
test_scriptProcessorNodeZeroInputOutput.html Test AudioBufferSourceNode 1152
test_sequentialBufferSourceWithResampling.html Test seamless playback of a series of resampled buffers 2435
test_setValueCurveWithNonFiniteElements.html Bug 1308437 - setValueCurve should throw on non-finite elements 1565
test_singleSourceDest.html Test whether we can create an AudioContext interface 2866
test_slowStart.html Test AudioContext.currentTime 1754
test_stereoPannerNode.html Test StereoPannerNode 9818
test_stereoPannerNodePassThrough.html Test StereoPanerNode with passthrough 1196
test_stereoPanningWithGain.html Test stereo equalpower panning with a GainNode 1274
test_waveDecoder.html Test that we decode uint8 and sint16 wave files with correct conversion to float64 1957
test_waveShaper.html Test WaveShaperNode with no curve 1730
test_waveShaperGain.html Test that WaveShaperNode doesn't corrupt its inputs when the gain is != 1.0 (bug 1203616) 2028
test_waveShaperInvalidLengthCurve.html Test WaveShaperNode with an invalid curve 1648
test_waveShaperNoCurve.html Test WaveShaperNode with no curve 1077
test_waveShaperPassThrough.html Test WaveShaperNode with passthrough 1427
test_webAudio_muteTab.html 2899
test_WebAudioMemoryReporting.html Web Audio memory reporting 1667
ting-44.1k-1ch.ogg 0
ting-44.1k-1ch.wav 0
ting-44.1k-2ch.ogg 0
ting-44.1k-2ch.wav 0
ting-48k-1ch.ogg 0
ting-48k-1ch.wav 0
ting-48k-2ch.ogg 0
ting-48k-2ch.wav 0
ting-dualchannel44.1.wav 0
ting-dualchannel48.wav 0
waveformatextensible.wav 0
waveformatextensiblebadmask.wav 0
webaudio.js global gTest 10884