Name Description Size
cache.js Given a url, correctly determine its protocol + hostname part. 5703
cookies.js General helpers 16067
extension-storage.js The Extension Storage actor. 14568
index.js Base class with the common methods required by all storage actors. This base class is missing a couple of required methods that should be implemented seperately for each actor. They are namely: - observe : Method which gets triggered on the notification of the watched topic. - getNamesForHost : Given a host, get list of all known store names. - getValuesForHost : Given a host (and optionally a name) get all known store objects. - toStoreObject : Given a store object, convert it to the required format so that it can be transferred over wire. - populateStoresForHost : Given a host, populate the map of all store objects for it - getFields: Given a subType(optional), get an array of objects containing column field info. The info includes, "name" is name of colume key. "editable" is 1 means editable field; 0 means uneditable. @param {string} typeName The typeName of the actor. 13341
indexed-db.js An async method equivalent to setTimeout but using Promises @param {number} time The wait time in milliseconds. 28613
local-and-session-storage.js Edit localStorage or sessionStorage fields. @param {Object} data See editCookie() for format details. 4933 516