Name Description Size
content-process-script.js Main entry point for DevTools in content processes. This module is loaded early when a content process is started. Note that (at least) JS XPCOM registered at app-startup, will be running before. It is used by the multiprocess browser toolbox in order to debug privileged resources. When debugging a Web page loaded in a Tab, DevToolsFrame JS Window Actor is used instead (DevToolsFrameParent.jsm and DevToolsFrameChild.jsm). This module won't do anything unless DevTools codebase starts adding some data in `Services.cpmm.sharedData` object or send a message manager message via `Services.cpmm`. Also, this module is only loaded, on-demand from process-helper if devtools are watching for process targets. 9522
content-process.js global addMessageListener, removeMessageListener 1270
content-process.jsm Module that listens for requests to start a `DevToolsServer` for an entire content process. Loaded into content processes by the main process during content-process-connector.js' `connectToContentProcess` via the process script `content-process.js`. The actual server startup itself is in this JSM so that code can be cached. 3883
frame.js global content, addEventListener, addMessageListener, removeMessageListener, sendAsyncMessage 6245 427
worker.js eslint-env mozilla/chrome-worker 4609