Name Description Size
framerate.js A very simple utility for monitoring framerate. Takes a `targetActor` and monitors framerate over time. The actor wrapper around this can be found at devtools/server/actors/framerate.js 2773
memory.js A class that returns memory data for a parent actor's window. Using a target-scoped actor with this instance will measure the memory footprint of its parent tab. Using a global-scoped actor instance however, will measure the memory footprint of the chrome window referenced by its root actor. To be consumed by actor's, like MemoryActor using this module to send information over RDP, and TimelineActor for using more light-weight utilities like GC events and measuring memory consumption. 15159 495
profiler.js Main interface for interacting with nsIProfiler 17604
recorder.js A connection to underlying actors (profiler, memory, framerate, etc.) shared by all tools in a target. @param Target target The target owning this connection. 16102
timeline.js Many Gecko operations (painting, reflows, restyle, ...) can be tracked in real time. A marker is a representation of one operation. A marker has a name, start and end timestamps. Markers are stored in docShells. This module exposes this tracking mechanism. To use with devtools' RDP, use devtools/server/actors/timeline.js directly. To start/stop recording markers: timeline.start() timeline.stop() timeline.isRecording() When markers are available, an event is emitted: timeline.on("markers", function(markers) {...}) 10930