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UrlbarContextualTip.jsm Calls all the click listeners for the specified element. @param {string} element Either "button" or "link" Corresponds to the button or link on the contextual tip. @param {object} window The window 5430
UrlbarController.jsm The address bar controller handles queries from the address bar, obtains results and returns them to the UI for display. Listeners may be added to listen for the results. They may support the following methods which may be called when a query is run: - onQueryStarted(queryContext) - onQueryResults(queryContext) - onQueryCancelled(queryContext) - onQueryFinished(queryContext) - onQueryResultRemoved(index) - onViewOpen() - onViewClose() 27777
UrlbarEventBufferer.jsm The UrlbarEventBufferer can queue up events and replay them later, to make the urlbar results more predictable. Search results arrive asynchronously, which means that keydown events may arrive before results do, and therefore not have the effect the user intends. That's especially likely to happen with the down arrow and enter keys, due to the one-off search buttons: if the user very quickly pastes something in the input, presses the down arrow key, and then hits enter, they are probably expecting to visit the first result. But if there are no results, then pressing down and enter will trigger the first one-off button. To prevent that undesirable behavior, certain keys are buffered and deferred until more results arrive, at which time they're replayed. 11670
UrlbarInput.jsm Implements the text input part of the address bar UI. 73097
UrlbarMuxerUnifiedComplete.jsm This module exports a component used to sort results in a UrlbarQueryContext. 4968
UrlbarPrefs.jsm This module exports the UrlbarPrefs singleton, which manages preferences for the urlbar. 12868
UrlbarProviderExtension.jsm This module exports a provider class that is used for providers created by extensions. 12141
UrlbarProviderOpenTabs.jsm This module exports a provider, returning open tabs matches for the urlbar. It is also used to register and unregister open tabs. 8117
UrlbarProviderPrivateSearch.jsm This module exports a provider returning a private search entry. 5231
UrlbarProvidersManager.jsm This module exports a component used to register search providers and manage the connection between such providers and a UrlbarController. 16181
UrlbarProviderUnifiedComplete.jsm This module exports a provider that wraps the existing UnifiedComplete component, it is supposed to be used as an interim solution while we rewrite the model providers in a more modular way. 14721
UrlbarResult.jsm This module exports a urlbar result class, each representing a single result found by a provider that can be passed from the model to the view through the controller. It is mainly defined by a result type, and a payload, containing the data. A few getters allow to retrieve information common to all the result types. 9259
UrlbarTokenizer.jsm This module exports a tokenizer to be used by the urlbar model. Emitted tokens are objects in the shape { type, value }, where type is one of UrlbarTokenizer.TYPE. 12690
UrlbarUtils.jsm This module exports the UrlbarUtils singleton, which contains constants and helper functions that are useful to all components of the urlbar. 25334
UrlbarValueFormatter.jsm Applies URL highlighting and other styling to the text in the urlbar input, depending on the text. 14994
UrlbarView.jsm Receives and displays address bar autocomplete results. 44186
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