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browserActivityStreamPages-places.db 0
browserAutocomplete-places.db 0
browserYoutubeTwitterMozillaExample-places.db 0
empty-login-form-submit.html 161
empty-login-form.html 388
exampleURLHistoryBookmark-places.db 0 949 This script manages the process of creating and modifying a database in the context of a simulated iOS environment. It interacts with a SQLite database, and takes user input for the number of history and bookmark records to create, and for naming the new database file. The script uses the `websites.csv` file located in the same directory to generate records and insert them into the database. The `websites.csv` file contains the top 1000 work-safe websites and is used by default. If you want to add your own custom websites, then create a csv file in this directory with those websites. You can use the `websites.csv` file as a template. You'll just need to change the constant `CSV_FILE` to the name of the csv file you want to use. PLEASE NOTE: In order for this script to work, you must have an iOS Simulator instance open with a build of firefox-ios installed. This script looks for a booted Simulator device with an app loaded whose BUNDLE_ID is 'org.mozilla.ios.Fennec' and assumes you want to copy the 'places.db' database. This also assumes you ONLY HAVE ONE BOOTED SIMULATOR INSTANCE open as it will only return the first instance it finds. The script currently doesn't support modifications to: - autofill.db - browser.db - ReadingList.db though it may in the future. 15846 741 108
requirements.txt 53 632 4139
tabsState20.archive 8252
tabsState1280.archive 566211
test-example.html Example Domain 1254
test-indexeddb-private.html 1056
test-mozilla-book.html The Book of Mozilla 4318
test-mozilla-org.html Internet for people, not profit — Mozilla 122856
test-password-2.html Example Login Page 2 542
test-password-submit-2.html 161
test-password-submit.html 161
test-password.html 501
test-popup-blocker.html Popup Test Page 318
test-user-agent.html 398
test-window-opener.html 294
testBookmarksDatabase1-places.db 0
testBookmarksDatabase100-places.db 0
testBookmarksDatabase1000-places.db 0
testDatabaseFixture-places.db 0
testHistoryDatabase1-places.db 0
testHistoryDatabase100-places.db 0 STEPS 1. check Rust Components repo for newest tagged version 2. compare newest with current SPM and project versions in repo 3. if same version exit, if not, continue 4. update both SMP and project files 3776 curl ${BITRISE_STACK_INFO} | jq ' . | keys' [ "available_stacks", "project_types_with_default_stacks", "running_builds_on_private_cloud" ] 2942
websites.csv 24640