Name Description Size 500 This exception is thrown when there is a mismatch between the number of items in a row, and the number of headers defined. 3206 This file is for framework specific gatherers since manifests might be parsed differently in each of them. The gatherers must implement the FrameworkGatherer class. 21229 Gatherer produces the tree of the perfdoc's entries found and can obtain manifest-based test lists. Used by the Verifier. 5170 After each perfdocs directory was validated, the generator uses the templates for each framework, fills them with the test descriptions in config and saves the perfdocs in the form index.rst as index file and suite_name.rst for each suite of tests in the framework. 11133 Logger for the PerfDoc tooling. Handles the warnings by outputting them into through the StructuredLogger provided by lint. 2681 Build up performance testing documentation dynamically by combining text data from YAML files that reside in `perfdoc` folders across the `testing` directory. Each directory is expected to have an `index.rst` file along with `config.yml` YAMLs defining what needs to be added to the documentation. The YAML must also define the name of the "framework" that should be used in the main index.rst for the performance testing documentation. The testing documentation list will be ordered alphabetically once it's produced (to avoid unwanted shifts because of unordered dicts and path searching). Note that the suite name headings will be given the H4 (---) style so it is suggested that you use H3 (===) style as the heading for your test section. H5 will be used be used for individual tests within each suite. Usage for verification: "./mach lint -l perfdocs ." Usage for generation: "./mach lint -l perfdocs --fix ." For validation, see the Verifier class for a description of how it works. The run will fail if the valid result from validate_tree is not False, implying some warning/problem was logged. :param dict config: The configuration given by mozlint. :param StructuredLogger logger: The StructuredLogger instance to be used to output the linting warnings/errors. :param list paths: The paths that are being tested. Used to filter out errors from files outside of these paths. :param bool generate: If true, the docs will be (re)generated. 3734
templates Saves data into a file. :param str path: Location and name of the file being saved (without an extension). :param str data: Content to write into the file. :param str extension: Extension to save the file as. 5373 Schema for the config.yml file. Expecting a YAML file with a format such as this: name: raptor manifest: testing/raptor/raptor/raptor.ini static-only: False suites: desktop: description: "Desktop tests." tests: raptor-tp6: "Raptor TP6 tests." mobile: description: "Mobile tests" benchmarks: description: "Benchmark tests." tests: wasm: "All wasm tests." 23729