Name Description Size
gtest 752 1248
notifications.txt 2068
nsIProfileMigrator.idl Helper interface for nsIProfileMigrator. @provider Toolkit (Startup code) @client Application (Profile-migration code) @obtainable nsIProfileMigrator.migrate 2502
nsIProfileUnlocker.idl Try to unlock the specified profile by attempting or forcing the process that currently holds the lock to quit. @param aSeverity either ATTEMPT_QUIT or FORCE_QUIT @throws NS_ERROR_FAILURE if unlocking failed. 709
nsIToolkitProfile.idl Hold on to a profile lock. Once you release the last reference to this interface, the profile lock is released. 3193
nsIToolkitProfileService.idl Tests whether the profile lists on disk have changed since they were loaded. When this is true attempts to flush changes to disk will fail. 5478
nsProfileLock.cpp 17883
nsProfileLock.h Attempt to lock a profile directory. @param aProfileDir [in] The profile directory to lock. @param aUnlocker [out] Optional. This is only returned when locking fails with NS_ERROR_FILE_ACCESS_DENIED, and may not be returned at all. @throws NS_ERROR_FILE_ACCESS_DENIED if the profile is locked. 2867
nsToolkitProfileService.cpp Returns an array of the strings inside a section of an ini file. 69884
nsToolkitProfileService.h 6291
ProfileUnlockerAndroid.cpp 1065
ProfileUnlockerAndroid.h 623
ProfileUnlockerWin.cpp RAII class to obtain and manage a handle to a Restart Manager session. It opens a new handle upon construction and releases it upon destruction. 8024
ProfileUnlockerWin.h 1615