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nsIObserver topics for profile changing. Profile changing happens in phases
in the order given below. An observer may register separately for each phase
of the process depending on its needs.
All async activity must be stopped in this phase. Typically,
the application level observer will close all open windows.
This is the last phase in which the subject's vetoChange()
method may still be called.
The next notification will be either
profile-change-teardown-veto or profile-before-change.
Called before the profile has changed. Use this notification
to prepare for the profile going away. If a component is
holding any state which needs to be flushed to a profile-relative
location, it should be done here.
Called after the profile has changed. Do the work to
respond to having a new profile. Any change which
affects others must be done in this phase.
Called after the profile has changed. Use this notification
to make changes that are dependent on what some other listener
did during its profile-do-change. For example, to respond to
new preferences.
Called after all phases of a change have completed. Typically
in this phase, an application level observer will open a new window.
Contexts for profile changes. These are passed as the someData param to the
observer's Observe() method.
Going from no profile to a profile.
The following topics happen in this context:
See for more details about the shutdown
NOTE: Long ago there was be a "shutdown-cleanse" version of shutdown which was
intended to clear profile data. This is no longer sent and observer code should
remove support for it.