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nsISearchService.idl The POST data associated with a search submission, wrapped in a MIME input stream. May be null. 17174
OpenSearchEngine.jsm eslint no-shadow: error, mozilla/no-aArgs: error 12650
schema 5
SearchEngine.jsm eslint no-shadow: error, mozilla/no-aArgs: error 50734
SearchEngineSelector.jsm SearchEngineSelector parses the JSON configuration for search engines and returns the applicable engines depending on their region + locale. 12936
SearchService.jsm eslint no-shadow: error, mozilla/no-aArgs: error 95383
SearchSettings.jsm This class manages the saves search settings. Global settings can be saved and obtained from this class via the `*Attribute` methods. 10525
SearchStaticData.jsm This module contains additional data about default search engines that is the same across all languages. This information is defined outside of the actual search engine definition files, so that localizers don't need to update them when a change is made. This separate module is also easily overridable, in case a hotfix is needed. No high-level processing logic is applied here. 3950
SearchSuggestionController.jsm Generates an UUID. @returns {string} An UUID string, without leading or trailing braces. 24813
SearchSuggestions.jsm SuggestAutoComplete is a base class that implements nsIAutoCompleteSearch and can collect results for a given search by using this._suggestionController. We do it this way since the AutoCompleteController in Mozilla requires a unique XPCOM Service for every search provider, even if the logic for two providers is identical. @constructor 7363
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