Name Description Size
ChannelWrapper.cpp Lifetimes *************************************************************************** 41418
ChannelWrapper.h 10672
components.conf 723 1275
PStreamFilter.ipdl 771
SecurityInfo.sys.mjs Extracts security information from nsIChannel.securityInfo. @param {nsIChannel} channel If null channel is assumed to be insecure. @param {object} options @returns {object} Returns an object containing following members: - state: The security of the connection used to fetch this request. Has one of following string values: - "insecure": the connection was not secure (only http) - "weak": the connection has minor security issues - "broken": secure connection failed (e.g. expired cert) - "secure": the connection was properly secured. If state == broken: - errorMessage: full error message from nsITransportSecurityInfo. If state == secure: - protocolVersion: one of TLSv1, TLSv1.1, TLSv1.2, TLSv1.3. - cipherSuite: the cipher suite used in this connection. - cert: information about certificate used in this connection. See parseCertificateInfo for the contents. - hsts: true if host uses Strict Transport Security, false otherwise - hpkp: true if host uses Public Key Pinning, false otherwise If state == weak: Same as state == secure and - weaknessReasons: list of reasons that cause the request to be considered weak. See getReasonsForWeakness. 12288
StreamFilter.cpp Initialization *************************************************************************** 7978
StreamFilter.h 2666
StreamFilterBase.h 1027
StreamFilterChild.cpp Initialization and cleanup *************************************************************************** 12191
StreamFilterChild.h 4226
StreamFilterEvents.cpp static 1886
StreamFilterEvents.h 2158
StreamFilterParent.cpp Event queueing helpers *************************************************************************** 25912
StreamFilterParent.h 5712
WebNavigationContent.cpp static 12578
WebNavigationContent.h 1673
WebRequest.sys.mjs 42546
WebRequestService.cpp static 1750
WebRequestService.h 1891
WebRequestUpload.sys.mjs Parses the given raw header block, and stores the value of each lower-cased header name in the resulting map. 16250