Name Description Size
ChannelWrapper.cpp Lifetimes *************************************************************************** 40230
ChannelWrapper.h 10746
components.conf 723 1275
PStreamFilter.ipdl 739
SecurityInfo.sys.mjs Extracts security information from nsIChannel.securityInfo. @param {nsIChannel} channel If null channel is assumed to be insecure. @param {object} options @returns {object} Returns an object containing following members: - state: The security of the connection used to fetch this request. Has one of following string values: - "insecure": the connection was not secure (only http) - "weak": the connection has minor security issues - "broken": secure connection failed (e.g. expired cert) - "secure": the connection was properly secured. If state == broken: - errorMessage: full error message from nsITransportSecurityInfo. If state == secure: - protocolVersion: one of TLSv1, TLSv1.1, TLSv1.2, TLSv1.3. - cipherSuite: the cipher suite used in this connection. - cert: information about certificate used in this connection. See parseCertificateInfo for the contents. - hsts: true if host uses Strict Transport Security, false otherwise - hpkp: true if host uses Public Key Pinning, false otherwise If state == weak: Same as state == secure and - weaknessReasons: list of reasons that cause the request to be considered weak. See getReasonsForWeakness. 11737
StreamFilter.cpp Initialization *************************************************************************** 8548
StreamFilter.h 2666
StreamFilterBase.h 1027
StreamFilterChild.cpp Initialization and cleanup *************************************************************************** 12191
StreamFilterChild.h 4226
StreamFilterEvents.cpp static 1886
StreamFilterEvents.h 2158
StreamFilterParent.cpp Event queueing helpers *************************************************************************** 25224
StreamFilterParent.h 5771
WebNavigationContent.cpp static 12586
WebNavigationContent.h 1673
WebRequest.sys.mjs globals uneval 42272
WebRequestService.cpp static 1750
WebRequestService.h 1891
WebRequestUpload.sys.mjs Parses the given raw header block, and stores the value of each lower-cased header name in the resulting map. 16250