Name Description Size
components.conf 2307 decltype(_impl_._has_bits_) 36223
cookieBanner.pb.h @@protoc_insertion_point(class_definition:mozilla.cookieBanner.GoogleSOCSCookie.extraData) 40802
cookieBanner.proto 705
CookieBannerChild.sys.mjs -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 26943
CookieBannerDomainPrefService.cpp static 15274
CookieBannerDomainPrefService.h 4981
CookieBannerListService.sys.mjs See nsICookieBannerListService 10929
CookieBannerParent.sys.mjs Get the browser associated with this window which is the top level embedder element. Returns null if the top embedder isn't a browser. 7345 321
metrics.yaml 16767 1675
nsClickRule.cpp 1556
nsClickRule.h 1470
nsCookieBannerRule.cpp 5377
nsCookieBannerRule.h 1151
nsCookieBannerService.cpp 45761
nsCookieBannerService.h Initializes internal state. Will be called on profile-after-change and on pref changes. 5877
nsCookieBannerTelemetryService.cpp 12576
nsCookieBannerTelemetryService.h 1427
nsCookieInjector.cpp 11817
nsCookieInjector.h 1627
nsCookieRule.cpp readonly attribute int64_t expiryRelative; 3279
nsCookieRule.h 1205
nsIClickRule.idl Rule to specify the CSS selector for detecting and clicking cookie banner. 2279
nsICookieBannerListService.idl Service singleton for initializing and updating the list of cookie banner handling rules. 1066
nsICookieBannerRule.idl A rule containing instructions on how to handle a cookie banner for a specific domain. 3848
nsICookieBannerService.idl Service singleton which owns the cookie banner feature. This service owns the cookie banner handling rules. It initializes both the component for importing rules (nsICookieBannerListService) and injecting cookies (nsICookieInjector). 5877
nsICookieBannerTelemetryService.idl Service singleton which collect cookie banner telemetry. 513
nsICookieRule.idl Rule which specifies a cookie to be set in order to handle a cookie banner. 1520