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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef mozilla_nsCookieBannerService_h__
#define mozilla_nsCookieBannerService_h__
#include "nsICookieBannerRule.h"
#include "nsICookieBannerService.h"
#include "nsICookieBannerListService.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsTHashMap.h"
#include "nsTHashSet.h"
#include "nsIObserver.h"
#include "nsIWebProgressListener.h"
#include "nsWeakReference.h"
#include "mozilla/RefPtr.h"
#include "mozilla/StaticPtr.h"
namespace mozilla {
class CookieBannerDomainPrefService;
namespace dom {
class BrowsingContext;
} // namespace dom
class nsCookieBannerService final : public nsIObserver,
public nsICookieBannerService,
public nsIWebProgressListener,
public nsSupportsWeakReference {
static already_AddRefed<nsCookieBannerService> GetSingleton();
nsCookieBannerService() = default;
~nsCookieBannerService() = default;
// Whether the service is enabled and ready to accept requests.
bool mIsInitialized = false;
nsCOMPtr<nsICookieBannerListService> mListService;
RefPtr<CookieBannerDomainPrefService> mDomainPrefService;
// Map of site specific cookie banner rules keyed by domain.
nsTHashMap<nsCStringHashKey, nsCOMPtr<nsICookieBannerRule>> mRules;
// Map of global cookie banner rules keyed by id.
nsTHashMap<nsCStringHashKey, nsCOMPtr<nsICookieBannerRule>> mGlobalRules;
// The hash map to track if a top-level browsing context has either click
// or cookie rule under its browsing context tree. We use the browsing context
// id as the key. And the value is a tuple with two booleans that indicate
// the existence of click rule and cookie rule respectively.
nsTHashMap<uint64_t, std::tuple<bool, bool>> mReloadTelemetryData;
// Pref change callback which initializes and shuts down the service. This is
// also called on startup.
static void OnPrefChange(const char* aPref, void* aData);
* Initializes internal state. Will be called on profile-after-change and on
* pref changes.
[[nodiscard]] nsresult Init();
* Cleanup method to be called on shutdown or pref change.
[[nodiscard]] nsresult Shutdown();
nsresult GetClickRulesForDomainInternal(
const nsACString& aDomain, const bool aIsTopLevel,
const bool aReportTelemetry, nsTArray<RefPtr<nsIClickRule>>& aRules);
nsresult GetCookieRulesForDomainInternal(
const nsACString& aBaseDomain, const nsICookieBannerService::Modes aMode,
const bool aIsTopLevel, const bool aReportTelemetry,
nsTArray<RefPtr<nsICookieRule>>& aCookies);
nsresult HasRuleForBrowsingContextInternal(
mozilla::dom::BrowsingContext* aBrowsingContext, bool aIgnoreDomainPref,
bool& aHasClickRule, bool& aHasCookieRule);
nsresult GetRuleForDomain(const nsACString& aDomain, bool aIsTopLevel,
nsICookieBannerRule** aRule,
bool aReportTelemetry = false);
* Lookup a domain pref by base domain.
nsresult GetDomainPrefInternal(const nsACString& aBaseDomain,
const bool aIsPrivate,
nsICookieBannerService::Modes* aModes);
nsresult SetDomainPrefInternal(nsIURI* aTopLevelURI,
nsICookieBannerService::Modes aModes,
const bool aIsPrivate,
const bool aPersistInPrivateBrowsing);
* Get the rule matching the provided URI.
* @param aURI - The URI to match the rule for.
* @param aIsTopLevel - Whether this rule is requested for the top level frame
* (true) or a child frame (false).
* @param aRule - Rule to be populated
* @param aDomain - Domain that matches the rule, computed from the URI.
* @param aReportTelemetry - Whether telemetry should be recorded for this
* call.
* @returns The matching rule or nullptr if no matching rule is found.
nsresult GetRuleForURI(nsIURI* aURI, bool aIsTopLevel,
nsICookieBannerRule** aRule, nsACString& aDomain,
bool aReportTelemetry = false);
nsresult GetServiceModeForBrowsingContext(
dom::BrowsingContext* aBrowsingContext, bool aIgnoreDomainPref,
nsICookieBannerService::Modes* aMode);
nsresult RegisterWebProgressListener(nsISupports* aSubject);
nsresult RemoveWebProgressListener(nsISupports* aSubject);
void DailyReportTelemetry();
// The hash sets of the domains that we have submitted telemetry. We use them
// to report once for each domain.
nsTHashSet<nsCStringHashKey> mTelemetryReportedTopDomains;
nsTHashSet<nsCStringHashKey> mTelemetryReportedIFrameDomains;
void ReportRuleLookupTelemetry(const nsACString& aDomain,
nsICookieBannerRule* aRule, bool aIsTopLevel);
// A record that stores whether we have executed the banner click for the
// context.
typedef struct ExecutedData {
: countExecutedInTop(0),
countExecutedInFramePrivate(0) {}
uint8_t countExecutedInTop;
uint8_t countExecutedInFrame;
uint8_t countExecutedInTopPrivate;
uint8_t countExecutedInFramePrivate;
} ExecutedData;
// Map of the sites (eTLD+1) that we have executed the cookie banner handling
// for this session.
nsTHashMap<nsCStringHashKey, ExecutedData> mExecutedDataForSites;
} // namespace mozilla