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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*-
* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIClickRule.idl"
#include "nsICookieRule.idl"
* A rule containing instructions on how to handle a cookie banner for a specific
* domain.
[builtinclass, scriptable, uuid(eb1904db-e0d1-4760-a721-db76b1ca3e94)]
interface nsICookieBannerRule : nsISupports {
// Unique identifier for the rule. This is usually a UUID.
attribute ACString id;
// Domains of sites to handle the cookie banner for.
// An empty array means this is a global rule that should apply to every site.
attribute Array<ACString> domains;
// Cookies that reflect the opt-out or "reject all" state for the cookie baner.
readonly attribute Array<nsICookieRule> cookiesOptOut;
// Cookies that reflect the opt-in or "accept all" state for the cookie banner.
readonly attribute Array<nsICookieRule> cookiesOptIn;
* Indicates whether this rule is a global rule according to the domains
* field. We say this rule is global if the domains field is an empty array.
[infallible] readonly attribute boolean isGlobalRule;
* Get the list of cookies associated with this rule.
* aIsOptOut - Whether to return opt-out cookies (true) or opt-in cookies
* (false).
* aDomain - Optional, when passed returns a copy of each rule with cookie
* host set to .<domain>. See nsICookieRule::copyForDomain.
Array<nsICookieRule> getCookies(in boolean aIsOptOut, [optional] in ACString aDomain);
* Clear both lists of opt-in and opt-out cookies.
void clearCookies();
* Add an opt-in or opt-out cookie to the rule.
* aIsOptOut - Whether this is an opt-out cookie (true) or opt-in cookie (false).
* aExpiryRelative - See nsICookieRule.
* aUnsetValue - See nsICookieRule.
* For a description of the other fields see nsICookieManager#addNative.
void addCookie(in boolean aIsOptOut,
in ACString aName,
in AUTF8String aValue,
in AUTF8String aHost,
in AUTF8String aPath,
in int64_t aExpiryRelative,
in AUTF8String aUnsetValue,
in boolean aIsSecure,
in boolean aIsHttpOnly,
in boolean aIsSession,
in int32_t aSameSite,
in nsICookie_schemeType aSchemeMap);
// The clicking rule that associates with this rule. The banner auto
// clicking will use this rule to detect and click the banner.
readonly attribute nsIClickRule clickRule;
* Add a click rule to the rule.
* aPresence - The CSS selector for detecting the presence of the cookie
* banner
* aSkipPresenceVisibilityCheck - Whether to skip checking if the banner is
* visible before clicking it.
* aHide - The CSS selector for hiding the cookie banner
* aOptOut - The CSS selector for selecting the opt-out banner button
* aOptIn - The CSS selector for selecting the opt-in banner button
void addClickRule(in ACString aPresence,
[optional] in boolean aSkipPresenceVisibilityCheck,
[optional] in nsIClickRule_RunContext aRunContext,
[optional] in ACString aHide,
[optional] in ACString aOptOut,
[optional] in ACString aOptIn);
* Clear the click rule.
void clearClickRule();