Name Description Size
Document-prototype-adoptNode.html DOM and Shadow DOM: Document.prototype.adoptNode 1069
Document-prototype-currentScript.html HTML: Document.prototype.currentScript 4551
Document-prototype-importNode.html DOM and Shadow DOM: Document.prototype.importNode 1071
DocumentOrShadowRoot-prototype-elementFromPoint.html Shadow DOM and CSSOM View: Document.prototype.elementFromPoint 14813
Element-interface-attachShadow-custom-element.html Shadow DOM: Attaching a ShadowRoot for custom elements 4058
Element-interface-attachShadow.html Shadow DOM: Attaching a ShadowRoot 5289
Element-interface-shadowRoot-attribute.html Shadow DOM: Element interface shadowRoot attribute 2658
Extensions-to-Event-Interface.html Shadow DOM: Extensions to Event Interface 11195
HTMLSlotElement-interface.html Shadow DOM: HTMLSlotElement interface 16472
META.yml 125
MouseEvent-prototype-offsetX-offsetY.html Shadow DOM: MouseEvent's offsetX and offsetY attributes must be relative to the relative target. 7020
Node-prototype-cloneNode.html DOM: cloneNode(deep) 2501
Range-prototype-insertNode.html 635
ShadowRoot-interface.html Shadow DOM: ShadowRoot interface 6676
Slottable-mixin.html Shadow DOM: Slottable mixin 4613
capturing-and-bubbling-event-listeners-across-shadow-trees.html Shadow DOM: Capturing event listeners should be invoked before bubbling event listeners 9448
declarative 10
directionality-001-ref.html CSS Test Reference 348
directionality-001.tentative.html Test: directionality propagation in Shadow DOM. 885
directionality-002-ref.html CSS Test Reference 278
directionality-002.tentative.html Directionality is properly computed for slotted children 811
event-composed-path-after-dom-mutation.html Shadow DOM: Event.composedPath() should return the same result even if DOM is mutated 1934
event-composed-path-with-related-target.html Shadow DOM: Event path and Event.composedPath() (with related target) 12034
event-composed-path.html Shadow DOM: Event path and Event.composedPath() 10180
event-composed.html Shadow DOM: Event composed 2972
event-dispatch-order.tentative.html Shadow DOM: event dispatch order for capture and non-capture listerns at a shadow host 1502
event-inside-shadow-tree.html Shadow DOM: Firing an event inside a shadow tree 7601
event-inside-slotted-node.html Shadow DOM: Firing an event inside a node assigned to a slot 14764
event-post-dispatch.html Shadow DOM: Event dispatch post result for event properties. 8652
event-with-related-target.html Shadow DOM: Firing an event with relatedTarget inside a shadow tree 12860
focus 19
form-control-form-attribute.html Form controls' form attribute 2107
getElementById-dynamic-001.html Shadow DOM: ShadowRoot.getElementById in shadow trees keeps working after host is removed from tree 973
historical.html Shadow DOM v0 features 767
innerHTML-setter.xhtml Test for Shadow DOM innerHTML setter in XML 3122
input-element-list.html Input.list 1172
input-type-radio.html 2378
layout-slot-no-longer-assigned.html Layout using slot elements 555
layout-slot-no-longer-fallback.html Layout using slot elements 541
leaktests 3
nested-slot-remove-crash.html 1121
offsetParent-across-shadow-boundaries.html 9552
reference 1
resources 4
scroll-to-the-fragment-in-shadow-tree.html Shadow DOM: The indicated part of the document should not match an element inside a shadow tree 6240
slotchange-customelements.html Shadow DOM: slotchange customelements 1910
slotchange-event.html Shadow DOM: slotchange event 24032
slotchange.html Shadow DOM: slotchange Events 7608
slots-fallback-in-document.html Shadow DOM: Slots and fallback contents in Document tree 1609
slots-fallback.html Shadow DOM: Slots and fallback contents 8228
slots-imperative-api-slotchange.tentative.html Shadow DOM: Imperative Slot API slotchange event 10928
slots-imperative-slot-api.tentative.html Shadow DOM: Imperative Slot API 11534
slots-outside-shadow-dom.html 515
slots.html Shadow DOM: Slots and assignments 15806
untriaged This directory contains tests that have been written before the slot proposal had been adopted by the spec. 8