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base.js 10013
crypto.js 48013
deltablue.js A JavaScript implementation of the DeltaBlue constraint-solving algorithm, as described in: "The DeltaBlue Algorithm: An Incremental Constraint Hierarchy Solver" Bjorn N. Freeman-Benson and John Maloney January 1990 Communications of the ACM, also available as University of Washington TR 89-08-06. Beware: this benchmark is written in a grotesque style where the constraint model is built by side-effects from constructors. I've kept it this way to avoid deviating too much from the original implementation. 25653
earley-boyer.js GENERATED FILE - DO NOT EDIT ************ 195194
navier-stokes.js 12690
raytrace.js Fake a Flog.* namespace 27996
regexp.js 111298
revisions.html V8 Benchmark Suite Revisions 4142
richards.js The Richards benchmark simulates the task dispatcher of an operating system. 15776
run.html V8 Benchmark Suite 6105
splay.js Constructs a Splay tree. A splay tree is a self-balancing binary search tree with the additional property that recently accessed elements are quick to access again. It performs basic operations such as insertion, look-up and removal in O(log(n)) amortized time. @constructor 10746
style.css 1167
v8-logo.png 24293
v8.manifest 39