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bootstrap.js globals initializeBrowser 1716 Public interface to manage counters. On creation, create a thread to collect counters. Call :meth:`start` to start collecting counters with that thread. Be sure to call :meth:`stop` to stop the thread. 2155 Loads all of the counters defined in the counterDict 1019 python front-end to running xrestop: For each monitored process, `xrestop -m 1 -b` produces output like: 0 - Thunderbird ( PID: 2035 ): res_base : 0x1600000 res_mask : 0x1fffff windows : 69 GCs : 35 fonts : 1 pixmaps : 175 pictures : 272 glyphsets : 73 colormaps : 0 passive grabs : 0 cursors : 9 unknowns : 42 pixmap bytes : 4715737 other bytes : ~13024 total bytes : ~4728761 5433 CounterManager for Mac OSX 2825 Get list of expanded counter paths given a counter name. Returns a list of strings or None, if no counter paths can be created 8921 11279 A decorator that register configuration validators to execute against the configuration. They will be executed in the order of declaration. 14192 Set up a browser environment before running a test. 14151 data filters: takes a series of run data and applies statistical transforms to it Each filter is a simple function, but it also have attached a special `prepare` method that create a tuple with one instance of a :class:`Filter`; this allow to write stuff like:: from talos import filter filters = filter.ignore_first.prepare(1) + filter.median.prepare() for filter in filters: data = filter(data) # data is filtered 5753 module to handle Gecko profiling. 10127
getInfo.html shutdown script 1528
getinfooffline Downloads Heavy profiles from TaskCluster. 4506 6040
mtio-allowlist.json 6386 output formats for Talos 14546
pageloader objects and methods for parsing and serializing Talos results see 18697 Set up a new web server with wptserve. 21979
talos-powers Store useful results of the browser execution. 9788 1979 test definitions for Talos 46492
tests A generic means of running an URL based browser test follows the following steps - creates a profile - tests the profile - gets metrics for the current test environment - loads the url - collects info on any counters while test runs - waits for a 'dump' from the browser 11282
unittests Utility functions for Talos 5201