Name Description Size
dojo.js This is a compiled version of Dojo, built for deployment and not for development. To get an editable version, please visit: for documentation and information on getting the source. 276794
ext-base.js 35849
ext-core.js 87524
jquery.js 100149
mootools.js 98067
prototype.js Based on Alex Arnell's inheritance implementation. 129738
yahoo.js The YAHOO object is the single global object used by YUI Library. It contains utility function for setting up namespaces, inheritance, and logging. YAHOO.util, YAHOO.widget, and YAHOO.example are namespaces created automatically for and used by the library. @module yahoo @title YAHOO Global 33102
yui-dom.js The dom module provides helper methods for manipulating Dom elements. @module dom 48790
yui-event.js The CustomEvent class lets you define events for your application that can be subscribed to by one or more independent component. @param {String} type The type of event, which is passed to the callback when the event fires @param {Object} oScope The context the event will fire from. "this" will refer to this object in the callback. Default value: the window object. The listener can override this. @param {boolean} silent pass true to prevent the event from writing to the debugsystem @param {int} signature the signature that the custom event subscriber will receive. YAHOO.util.CustomEvent.LIST or YAHOO.util.CustomEvent.FLAT. The default is YAHOO.util.CustomEvent.LIST. @namespace YAHOO.util @class CustomEvent @constructor 90762
yui-selector.js The selector module provides helper methods allowing CSS3 Selectors to be used with DOM elements. @module selector @title Selector Utility @namespace YAHOO.util @requires yahoo, dom 20850