Name Description Size
autocomplete.js Create an object with a null prototype in order to not have the autocomplete popup polluted by Object prototype methods. 2698
bulklog.js 2581
cold-open.js 526
complicated.js 1799
custom.js 3281
log-in-loop-content-process.js 2881
objectexpand.js 3716
openwithcache.js 947
simple.js 774
streamlog.js 1928
typing.js We add 2 global variables so the autocomplete popup will be displayed 2592
webconsole-helpers.js @param {String} label: The name of the test. @param {Toolbox} toolbox: The DevTools toolbox. @param {Number|Array} expectedMessages: This can be, either the number of messages that need to be displayed in the console, or an array of objects representing the messages that need to be in the output. The objects must have the following shape: - {String} text: A string that should be in the message. - {Number} count: If > 1, indicate how many messages with this text should be in the output. - {Boolean} stacktrace: If true, wait for a stacktrace element to be rendered. 4631