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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
module to handle Gecko profiling.
import json
import os
import tempfile
import zipfile
import mozfile
from mozgeckoprofiler import ProfileSymbolicator, save_gecko_profile
from mozlog import get_proxy_logger
LOG = get_proxy_logger()
class GeckoProfile(object):
Handle Gecko profiling.
This allow to collect Gecko profiling data and to zip results in one file.
def __init__(self, upload_dir, browser_config, test_config):
self.upload_dir = upload_dir
self.browser_config, self.test_config = browser_config, test_config
self.cleanup = True
# Create a temporary directory into which the tests can put
# their profiles. These files will be assembled into one big
# zip file later on, which is put into the MOZ_UPLOAD_DIR.
gecko_profile_dir = tempfile.mkdtemp()
gecko_profile_interval = test_config.get("gecko_profile_interval", 1)
gecko_profile_entries = test_config.get("gecko_profile_entries", 1000000)
gecko_profile_features = test_config.get(
"gecko_profile_features", "js,stackwalk,cpu,screenshots"
gecko_profile_threads = test_config.get(
"gecko_profile_threads", "GeckoMain,Compositor"
gecko_profile_threads += ",WR,Renderer"
# Make sure no archive already exists in the location where
# we plan to output our profiler archive
# If individual talos is ran (--activeTest) instead of suite (--suite)
# the "suite" key will be empty and we'll name the profile after
# the test name
self.profile_arcname = os.path.join(
"profile_{0}.zip".format(test_config.get("suite", test_config["name"])),
# We delete the archive if the current test is the first in the suite
if test_config.get("is_first_test", False):"Clearing archive {0}".format(self.profile_arcname))
self.symbol_paths = {
"FIREFOX": tempfile.mkdtemp(),
"THUNDERBIRD": tempfile.mkdtemp(),
"WINDOWS": tempfile.mkdtemp(),
"Activating Gecko Profiling. Temp. profile dir:"
" {0}, interval: {1}, entries: {2}".format(
gecko_profile_dir, gecko_profile_interval, gecko_profile_entries
self.profiling_info = {
"gecko_profile_interval": gecko_profile_interval,
"gecko_profile_entries": gecko_profile_entries,
"gecko_profile_dir": gecko_profile_dir,
"gecko_profile_features": gecko_profile_features,
"gecko_profile_threads": gecko_profile_threads,
def option(self, name):
return self.profiling_info["gecko_profile_" + name]
def update_env(self, env):
update the given env to update some env vars if required.
if not self.test_config.get("gecko_profile_startup"):
# Set environment variables which will cause profiling to
# start as early as possible. These are consumed by Gecko
# itself, not by Talos JS code.
# Temporary: Don't run Base Profiler, see bug 1630448.
# TODO: Remove when fix lands in bug 1648324 or bug 1648325.
"MOZ_PROFILER_STARTUP_INTERVAL": str(self.option("interval")),
"MOZ_PROFILER_STARTUP_ENTRIES": str(self.option("entries")),
"MOZ_PROFILER_STARTUP_FEATURES": str(self.option("features")),
"MOZ_PROFILER_STARTUP_FILTERS": str(self.option("threads")),
def _save_gecko_profile(
self, cycle, symbolicator, missing_symbols_zip, profile_path
with open(profile_path, "r", encoding="utf-8") as profile_file:
profile = json.load(profile_file)
profile, missing_symbols_zip
save_gecko_profile(profile, profile_path)
except MemoryError:
"Ran out of memory while trying"
" to symbolicate profile {0} (cycle {1})".format(profile_path, cycle),
except Exception:
"Encountered an exception during profile"
" symbolication {0} (cycle {1})".format(profile_path, cycle),
def symbolicate(self, cycle):
Symbolicate Gecko profiling data for one cycle.
:param cycle: the number of the cycle of the test currently run.
symbolicator = ProfileSymbolicator(
# Trace-level logging (verbose)
"enableTracing": 0,
# Fallback server if symbol is not found locally
# Maximum number of symbol files to keep in memory
"maxCacheEntries": 2000000,
# Frequency of checking for recent symbols to
# cache (in hours)
"prefetchInterval": 12,
# Oldest file age to prefetch (in hours)
"prefetchThreshold": 48,
# Maximum number of library versions to pre-fetch
# per library
"prefetchMaxSymbolsPerLib": 3,
# Default symbol lookup directories
"defaultApp": "FIREFOX",
"defaultOs": "WINDOWS",
# Paths to .SYM files, expressed internally as a
# mapping of app or platform names to directories
# Note: App & OS names from requests are converted
# to all-uppercase internally
"symbolPaths": self.symbol_paths,
if self.browser_config["symbols_path"]:
if mozfile.is_url(self.browser_config["symbols_path"]):
elif os.path.isfile(self.browser_config["symbols_path"]):
elif os.path.isdir(self.browser_config["symbols_path"]):
sym_path = self.browser_config["symbols_path"]
symbolicator.options["symbolPaths"]["FIREFOX"] = sym_path
self.cleanup = False
missing_symbols_zip = os.path.join(self.upload_dir, "")
mode = zipfile.ZIP_DEFLATED
except NameError:
mode = zipfile.ZIP_STORED
gecko_profile_dir = self.option("dir")
with zipfile.ZipFile(self.profile_arcname, "a", mode) as arc:
# Collect all individual profiles that the test
# has put into gecko_profile_dir.
for profile_filename in os.listdir(gecko_profile_dir):
testname = profile_filename
if testname.endswith(".profile"):
testname = testname[0:-8]
profile_path = os.path.join(gecko_profile_dir, profile_filename)
cycle, symbolicator, missing_symbols_zip, profile_path
# Our zip will contain one directory per subtest,
# and each subtest directory will contain one or
# more cycle_i.profile files. For example, with
# test_config['name'] == 'tscrollx',
# profile_filename == 'iframe.svg.profile', i == 0,
# we'll get path_in_zip ==
# 'profile_tscrollx/iframe.svg/cycle_0.profile'.
cycle_name = "cycle_{0}.profile".format(cycle)
path_in_zip = os.path.join(
"profile_{0}".format(self.test_config["name"]), testname, cycle_name
"Adding profile {0} to archive {1}".format(
path_in_zip, self.profile_arcname
arc.write(profile_path, path_in_zip)
except Exception:
"Failed to copy profile {0} as {1} to"
" archive {2}".format(
profile_path, path_in_zip, self.profile_arcname
# save the latest gecko profile archive to an env var, so later on
# it can be viewed automatically via the view-gecko-profile tool
os.environ["TALOS_LATEST_GECKO_PROFILE_ARCHIVE"] = self.profile_arcname
def clean(self):
Clean up temp folders created with the instance creation.
if self.cleanup:
for symbol_path in self.symbol_paths.values():