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#!/usr/bin/env python
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
# You can obtain one at
# ***** END LICENSE BLOCK *****
from __future__ import absolute_import
import six
import argparse
import os
import re
from collections import defaultdict
from mozharness.base.script import PostScriptAction
from mozharness.base.transfer import TransferMixin
try_config_options = [
"action": "store",
"dest": "try_message",
"default": None,
"help": "try syntax string to select tests to run",
test_flavors = {
"browser-chrome": {},
"chrome": {},
"devtools-chrome": {},
"mochitest": {},
"xpcshell": {},
"reftest": {"path": lambda x: os.path.join("tests", "reftest", "tests", x)},
"crashtest": {"path": lambda x: os.path.join("tests", "reftest", "tests", x)},
"remote": {"path": lambda x: os.path.join("remote", "test", "browser", x)},
"web-platform-tests": {
"path": lambda x: os.path.join("tests", x.split("testing" + os.path.sep)[1])
"web-platform-tests-reftests": {
"path": lambda x: os.path.join("tests", x.split("testing" + os.path.sep)[1])
"web-platform-tests-wdspec": {
"path": lambda x: os.path.join("tests", x.split("testing" + os.path.sep)[1])
class TryToolsMixin(TransferMixin):
"""Utility functions for an interface between try syntax and out test harnesses.
Requires log and script mixins."""
harness_extra_args = None
try_test_paths = {}
known_try_arguments = {
"--tag": (
"action": "append",
"dest": "tags",
"default": None,
def _extract_try_message(self):
msg = None
if "try_message" in self.config and self.config["try_message"]:
msg = self.config["try_message"]
elif "TRY_COMMIT_MSG" in os.environ:
msg = os.environ["TRY_COMMIT_MSG"]
if not msg:
self.warning("Try message not found.")
return msg
def _extract_try_args(self, msg):
""" Returns a list of args from a try message, for parsing """
if not msg:
return None
all_try_args = None
for line in msg.splitlines():
if "try: " in line:
# Autoland adds quotes to try strings that will confuse our
# args later on.
if line.startswith('"') and line.endswith('"'):
line = line[1:-1]
# Allow spaces inside of [filter expressions]
try_message = line.strip().split("try: ", 1)
all_try_args = re.findall(r"(?:\[.*?\]|\S)+", try_message[1])
if not all_try_args:
self.warning("Try syntax not found in: %s." % msg)
return all_try_args
def try_message_has_flag(self, flag, message=None):
Returns True if --`flag` is present in message.
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument("--" + flag, action="store_true")
message = message or self._extract_try_message()
if not message:
return False
msg_list = self._extract_try_args(message)
args, _ = parser.parse_known_args(msg_list)
return getattr(args, flag, False)
def _is_try(self):
repo_path = None
get_branch = self.config.get("branch", repo_path)
if get_branch is not None:
on_try = "try" in get_branch or "Try" in get_branch
elif os.environ is not None:
on_try = "TRY_COMMIT_MSG" in os.environ
on_try = False
return on_try
def set_extra_try_arguments(self, action, success=None):
"""Finds a commit message and parses it for extra arguments to pass to the test
harness command line and test paths used to filter manifests.
Extracting arguments from a commit message taken directly from the try_parser.
if not self._is_try():
msg = self._extract_try_message()
if not msg:
all_try_args = self._extract_try_args(msg)
if not all_try_args:
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
"Parse an additional subset of arguments passed to try syntax"
" and forward them to the underlying test harness command."
label_dict = {}
def label_from_val(val):
if val in label_dict:
return label_dict[val]
return "--%s" % val.replace("_", "-")
for label, (opts, _) in six.iteritems(self.known_try_arguments):
if "action" in opts and opts["action"] not in (
"Try syntax does not support passing custom or store_const "
"arguments to the harness process."
if "dest" in opts:
label_dict[opts["dest"]] = label
parser.add_argument(label, **opts)
parser.add_argument("--try-test-paths", nargs="*")
(args, _) = parser.parse_known_args(all_try_args)
self.try_test_paths = self._group_test_paths(args.try_test_paths)
del args.try_test_paths
out_args = defaultdict(list)
# This is a pretty hacky way to echo arguments down to the harness.
# Hopefully this can be improved once we have a configuration system
# in tree for harnesses that relies less on a command line.
for arg, value in six.iteritems(vars(args)):
if value:
label = label_from_val(arg)
_, flavors = self.known_try_arguments[label]
for f in flavors:
if isinstance(value, bool):
# A store_true or store_false argument.
elif isinstance(value, list):
out_args[f].extend(["%s=%s" % (label, el) for el in value])
out_args[f].append("%s=%s" % (label, value))
self.harness_extra_args = dict(out_args)
def _group_test_paths(self, args):
rv = defaultdict(list)
if args is None:
return rv
for item in args:
suite, path = item.split(":", 1)
return rv
def try_args(self, flavor):
"""Get arguments, test_list derived from try syntax to apply to a command"""
args = []
if self.harness_extra_args:
args = self.harness_extra_args.get(flavor, [])[:]
if self.try_test_paths.get(flavor):
"TinderboxPrint: Tests will be run from the following "
"files: %s." % ",".join(self.try_test_paths[flavor])
args.extend(["--this-chunk=1", "--total-chunks=1"])
path_func = test_flavors[flavor].get("path", lambda x: x)
tests = [
for item in self.try_test_paths[flavor]
tests = []
if args or tests:
"TinderboxPrint: The following arguments were forwarded from mozharness "
"to the test command:\nTinderboxPrint: \t%s -- %s"
% (" ".join(args), " ".join(tests))
return args, tests