Name Description Size 0 Code to integration with automation. 2347
building Parses checksums files that the build system generates and uploads: 1583
l10n Represents a Merkle inclusion proof for purposes of serialization, deserialization, and verification of the proof. The format for inclusion proofs in RFC 6962-bis is as follows: opaque LogID<2..127>; opaque NodeHash<32..2^8-1>; struct { LogID log_id; uint64 tree_size; uint64 leaf_index; NodeHash inclusion_path<1..2^16-1>; } InclusionProofDataV2; In other words: - 1 + N octets of log_id (currently zero) - 8 octets of tree_size = self.n - 8 octets of leaf_index = m - 2 octets of path length, followed by * 1 + N octets of NodeHash 6365 Automatically set virtualenv requirements to use mozbase from test package. 1054 Replace text in a file. 8131 Support for fetching secrets from the secrets API 3284 Object that tracks the overall status of the test run 12953
testing module for tooltool operations 3794 Author: Armen Zambrano G. 2252