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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
import time
from .intel_power_gadget import IntelPowerGadget, IPGResultsHandler
from .powerbase import PowerBase
class MacIntelPower(PowerBase):
"""MacIntelPower is the OS and CPU dependent class for
power measurement gathering on Mac Intel-based hardware.
from mozpower.macintelpower import MacIntelPower
# duration and output_file_path are used in IntelPowerGadget
mip = MacIntelPower(ipg_measure_duration=600, output_file_path='power-testing')
# Run test...
perfherder_data = mip.get_perfherder_data()
def __init__(self, logger_name="mozpower", **kwargs):
"""Initializes the MacIntelPower object.
:param str logger_name: logging logger name. Defaults to 'mozpower'.
:param dict kwargs: optional keyword arguments passed to IntelPowerGadget.
PowerBase.__init__(self, logger_name=logger_name, os="darwin", cpu="intel")
self.ipg = IntelPowerGadget(self.ipg_path, **kwargs)
self.ipg_results_handler = None
self.start_time = None
self.end_time = None
self.perfherder_data = {}
def initialize_power_measurements(self):
"""Starts power measurement gathering through IntelPowerGadget.""""Initializing power measurements...")
# Start measuring
# Record start time to get an approximation of run time
self.start_time = time.time()
def finalize_power_measurements(
self, test_name="power-testing", output_dir_path="", **kwargs
"""Stops power measurement gathering through IntelPowerGadget, cleans the data,
and produces partial perfherder formatted data that is stored in perfherder_data.
:param str test_name: name of the test that was run.
:param str output_dir_path: directory to store output files.
:param dict kwargs: contains optional arguments to stop_ipg.
""""Finalizing power measurements...")
self.end_time = time.time()
# Wait until Intel Power Gadget is done, then clean the data
# and then format it
# Handle the results and format them to a partial perfherder format
if not output_dir_path:
output_dir_path = self.ipg.output_dir_path
self.ipg_results_handler = IPGResultsHandler(
self.perfherder_data = (
self.end_time - self.start_time, test_name
def get_perfherder_data(self):
"""Returns the perfherder data output that was produced.
:returns: dict
return self.perfherder_data