Name Description Size 770 IPGTimeoutError is raised when we cannot stop Intel Power Gadget from running. One possble cause of this is not calling `stop_ipg` through a `finalize_power_measurements` call. The other possiblity is that IPG failed to stop. 34287 MacIntelPower is the OS and CPU dependent class for power measurement gathering on Mac Intel-based hardware. :: from mozpower.macintelpower import MacIntelPower # duration and output_file_path are used in IntelPowerGadget mip = MacIntelPower(ipg_measure_duration=600, output_file_path='power-testing') mip.initialize_power_measurements() # Run test... mip.finalize_power_measurements(test_name='raptor-test-name') perfherder_data = mip.get_perfherder_data() 3389 OsCpuComboMissingError is raised when we cannot find a class responsible for the OS, and CPU combination that was detected. 13946 Returns the logger that should be used based on logger_name. Defaults to the logging logger if mozlog cannot be imported. :returns: mozlog or logging logger object 1433 IPGExecutableMissingError is raised when we cannot find the executable for Intel Power Gadget at the expected location. 3967