Name Description Size This module contains a set of function to gather information about the debugging capabilities of the platform. It allows to look for a specific debugger or to query the system for a compatible/default debugger. The following simple example looks for the default debugger on the current platform and launches a debugger process with the correct debugger-specific arguments: :: import mozdebug debugger = mozdebug.get_default_debugger_name() debuggerInfo = mozdebug.get_debugger_info(debugger) debuggeePath = "toDebug" processArgs = [self.debuggerInfo.path] + self.debuggerInfo.args processArgs.append(debuggeePath) run_process(args, ...) 906 Map of debugging programs to information about them, like default arguments and whether or not they are interactive. To add support for a new debugger, simply add the relative entry in _DEBUGGER_INFO and optionally update the _DEBUGGER_PRIORITIES. 10962