Name Description Size 416 2362 1717 Generate input for action to be scheduled. Define what label to schedule with 'label'. If it is a test task that uses explicit manifests add that information. 10924 1956 1217 \ As you requested, Firefox CI has created an interactive task to run {label} on revision {revision} in {repo}. Click the button below to connect to the task. You may need to wait for it to begin running. 6983 Add custom command line args to a given command. args: payload_commands: the raw command as seen by taskcluster extra_args: array of args we want to inject 4657 Returns a dict containing properties containing a list of directories containing test failures and a separate list of individual test failures from the errorsummary.log artifact for the task. Calls the helper function munge_test_path to attempt to find an appropriate test path to pass to the task in MOZHARNESS_TEST_PATHS. If no appropriate test path can be determined, nothing is returned. 9111 3373 974 1151 1100 Return ``True``, if ``data`` is a JSON serializable data structure. 13248 Get all flavors with the given parameter enabled. 15827 6297 Return whether a given task in the taskgraph should be retriggered. This handles the case where the task isn't there by assuming it should not be. 10467 1944 1481 A context of [] means that it *only* applies to a task group 16343