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actions 20 7523 5235 Schema for try_task_config.json files. 17934 Build a context.tar for image with specified name. 7430 Support for optimizing tasks based on the set of files that have changed. 3054 Generator to declare a task filter function. 866 Raised when trying to load kind from a directory without a kind.yml. 16658 Generic representation of a directed acyclic graph with labeled edges connecting the nodes. Graph operations are implemented in a functional manner, so the data structure is immutable. It permits at most one edge of a given name between any set of nodes. The graph is not checked for cycles, and methods may hang or otherwise fail if given a cyclic graph. The `nodes` and `edges` attributes may be accessed in a read-only fashion. The `nodes` attribute is a set of node names, while `edges` is a set of `(left, right, name)` tuples representing an edge named `name` going from node `left` to node `right.. 4658
loader 5 Filter all the tasks on basis of a regular expression and returns a new TaskGraph object 23486
manifests 8 Graph morphs are modifications to task-graphs that take place *after* the optimization phase. These graph morphs are largely invisible to developers running `./mach` locally, so they should be limited to changes that do not modify the meaning of the graph. 8928
optimize 5 Raised when a parameters.yml has extra or missing parameters. 10901 Get a target_task_method to pass to a TaskGraphGenerator. 44780 Representation of a task in a TaskGraph. Each Task has, at creation: - kind: the name of the task kind - label; the label for this task - attributes: a dictionary of attributes for this task (used for filtering) - task: the task definition (JSON-able dictionary) - optimization: optimization to apply to the task (see gecko_taskgraph.optimize) - dependencies: tasks this one depends on, in the form {name: label}, for example {'build': 'build-linux64/opt', 'docker-image': 'docker-image-desktop-test'} - soft_dependencies: tasks this one may depend on if they are available post optimisation. They are set as a list of tasks label. - if_dependencies: only run this task if at least one of these dependencies are present. And later, as the task-graph processing proceeds: - task_id -- TaskCluster taskId under which this task will be created This class is just a convenience wrapper for the data type and managing display, comparison, serialization, etc. It has no functionality of its own. 3655 Representation of a task graph. A task graph is a combination of a Graph and a dictionary of tasks indexed by label. TaskGraph instances should be treated as immutable. In the graph, tasks are said to "link to" their dependencies. Whereas tasks are "linked from" their dependents. 2397
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