Name Description Size The objective of optimization is to remove as many tasks from the graph as possible, as efficiently as possible, thereby delivering useful results as quickly as possible. For example, ideally if only a test script is modified in a push, then the resulting graph contains only the corresponding test suite task. See ``taskcluster/docs/optimization.rst`` for more information. 10225 Always removes tasks except on backstop pushes. 1548 Merge a bugbug reply (stored in the `new_data` argument) into another (stored in the `data` argument). 11533 Sets OptimizationSchema so it can be imported by the task transform. This function is called by projects that extend Firefox's taskgraph. It should be called by the project's taskgraph:register function before any transport or job runner code is imported. :param tuple schema_tuple: Tuple of possible optimization strategies 2313 Optimizes tasks that don't run any tests that were in child directories of a modified file. 4944